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Folding Mounted Harrows - Hackett

Many Australian farmers struggle with finding soil cultivation tools that combine efficiency, versatility, and easy transportation. The Hackett Harrows Folding Mounted Harrows provide this solution, folding for easy transport and unfolding for effective, flexible field cultivation.

Folding Mounted Harrows Overview

Experience the ultimate versatility with the Folding Mounted Harrows, tailored to support a broad spectrum of land management activities. Whether you’re overseeing large-scale agricultural operations, managing small holdings, catering to equestrian venues, or maintaining sports fields, these harrows are engineered to meet diverse soil conditioning needs.

Design and Standard Features

Wide Range of Applications

The Folding Mounted Harrows are designed for versatility, suitable for large farms, small holdings, equestrian venues, sports fields, and more. This wide applicability ensures that regardless of the size or type of land, these harrows can meet the needs of various users.

Integral Pasture Management Tool

 Ideal for inclusion in any pasture management program, these harrows are most effective in spring, optimizing conditions for rolling and fertilizing, thereby enhancing the health and productivity of the pasture.

Optimized Speed and Efficiency

 Although traditionally designed for horse-drawn operations at walking pace, these modern harrows are adapted for contemporary use while maintaining efficiency, ensuring thorough coverage at speeds between 3 and 4 mph to mimic the traditional, effective methods.

Disease Reduction and Parasite Control

By exposing fungi and bacteria to sunlight, the harrows play an essential role in reducing disease within the pasture, making timing of use critical. Dry, warm conditions are ideal to maximize the effectiveness of harrowing in parasite control.

Soil Aeration and Health Improvement

The harrows are specifically engineered to remove dead thatch, lift vegetation, and level molehills, promoting air movement, root aeration, and water infiltration, which are critical for healthy soil and pasture.

Specialized Applications

 The harrows are not just for traditional farming; they’re also effective in maintaining sports fields by removing and spreading worm casts, ripping out moss, and leveling all-weather race tracks as well as indoor and outdoor arenas and maneges, showcasing their utility beyond agriculture.

Versatility in Use

Beyond pasture management, the harrows are also effective in arable conditions for seedbed preparation and covering seed after drilling. This makes them a valuable tool across various agricultural practices.

At FarmTech Machinery, we recognize the diverse needs of modern farmers, smallholders, and equestrian venue managers. Proper land and pasture management is crucial for the health and productivity of any outdoor space.

The challenge lies in finding a versatile tool that can adapt to various land management tasks without compromising on efficiency or effectiveness. We believe in providing solutions that cater to all aspects of ground maintenance, from aerating soil and managing vegetation to preparing seedbeds.

Don’t let suboptimal land conditions affect your productivity or the health of your fields. Opt for the Folding Mounted Harrows from FarmTech Machinery. Call us today to enhance your land management practices and ensure your pastures, crops, and outdoor areas are maintained to the highest standards.

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