FTD 3000 – Seed Drill – SeedX

Direct Drill your paddocks with Grasses or Summer Crops

High Capacity Seed Drill

Heavy Duty Construction

Uniform Seed Distribution


Here are some technical details of all the available variants/models in this specific product.

FTD 3000 3.3 3 1080 700 5 inch 13 inch 2 - 150+ 2800 100+

FTD 3000 Seed Drill - SeedX

Australian farmers struggle to find an affordable direct drill to seed their paddocks

Irtem FTD 3000 is the ideal machine for direct drilling, over-sowing, and sowing into cultivated land.

FTD 3000 Seed Drill Overview

FTD 3000 Direct Drill is designed to improve your strike rate when sowing grasses, oats, and summer crops. This direct drill features a heavy-duty build that provides the necessary down pressure for direct drilling, ensuring that your seeds are planted at the desired depth for optimal germination.

The FTD 3000 Direct Drill boasts a range of features that make it standout among its competitors. It is front culters and bakerboot tines provide excellent soil tilth for seed germination.

Design and Standard Features

Baker Boot Style

Baker Boot Style is a type of tine that is designed to provide precise seed placement and excellent tilth for seed germination. The boot style of the drill is specially designed to cut a furrow with minimal wear to the points, ensuring that it provides precise seed placement with every pass.

XL Hopper Capacity

When it comes to choosing a seed drill, one of the most important factors is the hopper capacity. A larger hopper capacity means that you can cover more ground without having to stop and refill as often, saving you both time and energy. The FTD Tine Seed Drill – Irtem boasts an XL hopper capacity, with a 1080L seed bin and a 700L fertiliser bin.

Easy Calibration

The FTD tine seed drill, also known as the Easy Calibration Drill, is a game-changer when it comes to accurate and efficient seed placement. One of the standout features of this machine is its adjustable seed rollers and consistent ground-driven gearboxes, which allow for precise seed placement and an improved strike rate. In addition to its accuracy, the FTD tine seed drill is also incredibly user-friendly. The calibration process is fast and easy, taking less than 10 minutes in most cases. This means that you can spend more time planting and less time tinkering with the settings.

Double Shot System

One of the highlights of the FTD Tine Seed Drill is its Double Shot System, which ensures that the seed and fertiliser are placed separately into the soil. This innovative feature effectively reduces the chance of seed burn, meaning your crops get the boost they need without being damaged by fertiliser.

Hydraulic Drawbar

For safe transport

125mm (5 inch) Row Spacing

The FTD Tine Seed Drill is an incredible machine that offers a wide range of features to help farmers achieve excellent results when sowing grasses, oats and summer crops. One of the key features that make this direct drill stand out is its 125mm (5-inch) row spacing. This precise row spacing is ideal for sowing grasses and oats, two crops that require careful placement of the seed.

Heavy Duty Steel Frame

The FTD Tine Seed Drill is a heavy-duty steel-framed machine that is designed for efficient and effective direct drilling. Its sturdy construction provides the weight needed for direct drilling, making it a reliable choice for farmers.

2 Ìndependant Ground Drive Metering Systems

The Independent Ground Drive Metering System is a key feature of the FTD Tine Seed Drill. This innovative system consists of two side-by-side metering units, one for seed box and one for fertilizer, which are operated independently from each other. The system ensures consistent and accurate dosing of both seed and fertilizer.

Hydraulic Front Coulters

The Hydraulic Front Coulters cut stubble and weeds allowing the tines to dig into the soil without build-up or blockages.

At FarmTech Machinery, we know you are the kind of farmer who wants to efficiently till, seed, and fertilize the field in one go. To be that way, you need a farming implement that does all these tasks in one machine.

The problem is that mediocre farming implements have single functions, which makes you feel required to have multiple pieces of equipment to get the job done. We believe that multipurpose equipment is critical for a sustainable and profitable farm.

We understand the challenge Australian farmers go through. That’s why we have the IrTem FTD 3000 Seed Drill. Not only does it drill the ground, but it also does seeding and fertilizer spreading at once!

Here’s how it works: the seed drill goes through the ground with its 24-row tine drill. Once the proper holes are made, the double shoot system supplies the right seed and fertilizer for optimal growing.

So talk to our sales specialist today, so you can stop working with mediocre, single-purpose farming equipment and start fast-tracking your way to an optimally growing farm.

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