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FTM STH Harrow - Hackett

Many Australian farmers struggle with efficient grass-harrowing for sowing and soil improvement. FarmTech’s Spring Tine Harrows, with hardened steel tines, revolutionize grass-harrowing techniques for better results and minimal maintenance.

FTM STH Harrow Overview

Elevate your land preparation with FarmTech’s innovative FTM-STH series of Spring Tine Harrows, designed to enhance your grass-harrowing practices with its modern approach and robust design. 

Ideal for breaking up soil clods, removing shallow-rooted grasses, and clearing out dead weeds, these harrows stimulate new growth and prepare your land for sowing.

Design and Standard Features

Versatile Soil Preparation

 The Spring Tine Harrows are expertly designed for breaking up clods, removing shallow-rooted grasses and dead weeds, and stimulating new growth. This makes them an essential tool for preparing a flat, even seedbed ready for sowing.

Range of Sizes for Every Need

With lengths varying from the compact 2 m micro-spring tine to the extensive 12 m jumbo-spring tine, there’s a size to fit every farmer’s needs across Australia, ensuring tailored soil preparation for different land sizes and types.

Robust Construction with Hardened Steel Tines

The harrows use hardened steel for the tines, ensuring rigidity, longevity, and the ability to withstand heavy workloads for multiple seasons without requiring maintenance.

Simple and Efficient Mounting System

Featuring a standard setting with a pendular system that clamps to a 100 mm solid rectangular hollow section, the Spring Tine Harrows are straightforward and easy to use, providing simplicity and utility in one design.

Systematic Design for Efficient Clearing

The tines are systematically arranged to effectively comb through the paddock, freeing it from moss, trash, and unwanted weeds, while also dispersing large clumps of soil for optimal ground leveling.

Improved Soil Composition and Seed Growth

In combination with the Aervator’s gang tines, the Spring Tine Harrow enhances soil composition by aerating and leveling the uppermost layer, which allows oxygen to reach the roots more effectively. Additionally, it covers seeds with loose soil, promoting optimal growth conditions.

One-Pass Renovation Solution

When mounted on a Farmtech Aervator or other tillage or seeding equipment, the Spring Tine Harrow transforms into a one-pass renovator, ideal for pasture overseeding and renovation, saving time and increasing efficiency.

At FarmTech Machinery, we understand the unique challenges faced by farmers, smallholders, and those maintaining equestrian venues or sports fields. Effective land management is essential for promoting healthy growth and maintaining high-quality turf and pasture.

The problem is finding a single, versatile tool that can handle different types of terrain and maintenance needs efficiently. We believe in empowering landowners with the right equipment to enhance soil conditions, encourage healthy vegetation, and prepare land for seeding or sporting events.

Don’t let poor soil conditions affect your land’s productivity or appearance. Invest in the Folding Mounted Harrows from FarmTech Machinery. With these in your arsenal, you can efficiently maintain and improve your land, ensuring it remains fertile and well-conditioned year-round.

Contact FarmTech Machinery today to discover how our Folding Mounted Harrows can transform your land management practices and help you achieve the lush, productive grounds you desire.

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