GB Series – Subsoiler – Minos Agri

Achieving Perfect Drainage and Texture with Ease

Deep Soil Cultivation

Heavy-Duty Construction

Seedbed Preperation


Here are some technical details of all the available variants/models in this specific product.

Number of Tines 5 7
Working Width 245 cm 335 cm
Working Depth 45 cm 45 cm
Machine Weight 1200 kg 1600 kh
Required Power 100hp-130 hp 130hp-160hp

GB Series Subsoiler – Minos Agri

The Minos Agri GB Subsoiler and Crumble Roller combination from FarmTech Machinery is revolutionizing soil management, breaking and loosening compacted soil and stones to improve base drainage, while simultaneously fragmenting clods for optimal structure. Its ease of transport, five adjustable diving angles, hydraulic pistons, and a safety bolt system ensure versatile, secure, and efficient soil preparation for Australian farmers.

GB Series Subsoiler Overview

Introducing the Minos Agri GB Subsoiler and Crumble Roller, a cutting-edge implement that marks the new generation of agricultural machinery. Designed to tackle the dual tasks of subsoiling and rotary harrowing, this tool is a game-changer for farmers looking to enhance soil structure and drainage.

Design and Standard Features

Dual Functionality

The Minos Agri GB combines the deep breaking capabilities of a subsoiler with the soil refining action of a crumble roller. This unique combination ensures thorough soil aeration, improved drainage, and perfect seedbed preparation in a single pass.

Adjustable Diving Angles and Levels

Equipped with five different diving angles and adjustment levels, this implement offers unmatched versatility, allowing farmers to customize the tool’s performance based on soil type, condition, and specific agricultural needs.

Hydraulic Pistons for Smooth Operation

The inclusion of hydraulic pistons enhances the overall operation of the subsoiler, ensuring smooth penetration and lifting of the soil for effective loosening and aeration, providing ease and efficiency during the tilling process.

Easy to Transport

Despite its robust capabilities, the Minos Agri GB is designed for easy transport, featuring a compact design and hydraulic folding mechanisms, making it convenient for moving between fields or storage.

Safety Bolt System

A built-in safety bolt system protects the equipment from damage by breaking in the event of hitting a large rock or a hard underground obstacle, thus ensuring longevity and reducing the likelihood of costly repairs.

Clod Breaking into Pieces

Following the subsoiling action, the attached crumble roller breaks down large clods into smaller, more manageable pieces, ensuring a smooth and even seedbed, ready for planting or seeding.

Effective Soil and Stone Loosening

The subsoiler effectively breaks and loosens soil and stones beneath the surface, promoting optimal base drainage and creating an ideal environment for root growth and development.

At FarmTech Machinery, we understand that soil compaction is a significant barrier to achieving high yields and healthy crops. Effective soil management requires tools that not only break up compacted layers but also prepare the land for successful planting.

The challenge for many farmers is finding an implement that combines deep soil penetration with surface refinement. We believe that you should have access to equipment that effectively addresses both issues without the need for multiple passes.

Contact FarmTech Machinery today to find out how the Minos Agri GB Subsoiler can enhance your soil management strategy and boost your farm’s productivity and profitability.

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Manufactured in Australia