GH Maxi

Promotes optimal soil structure and drainage. Waterlogging due to poor soil drainage can stunt crop growth and lead to yield losses. The GH Maxi Aervator comes with a cultivating setting in addition to aerating functions which enhances soil structure and promotes better drainage, reducing waterlogging and erosion risks for improved crop health and productivity.

Overall Width

2.4 - 5.0 M

Working Speed

15 Kph

Required HP

120-200 HP

Hitch Configuration

Three-Point Linkage

GH Maxi - Soil Aervator

Cutting Work Time, Doubling Field Performance

GH Maxi Working Width / HP
2.4m / 120 hp
3.0m / 150 hp
4.0m / 180 hp
5.0m / 200 hp


One-Pass Seed and Till

Cultivate and Aerate


Here are some technical details of all the available variants/models in this specific product.

GH 2400 Maxi 2.4 M 230 CM 4 2 1350 120
GH 3000 Maxi 3.0 M 290 cm 4 2 2060 150
GH 4000 Maxi 4.0 M 390 cm 8 2 2700 180
GH 5000 Maxi 5.0 M 490 cm 8 2 3200 200

GH Maxi Aerator - Aermax

Australian farmers often face the challenge of compacted soil. This issue significantly hampers their paddock’s productivity, ultimately affecting profitability and crop performance.

FarmTech Machinery recognizes the need for innovative solutions to combat this issue. We also promote optimal crop growth and lawn care.

The Maxi Series Aervator solves this problem well. It is a strong machine that can do double the work of the GH AerVator. It can aerate or cultivate fields in one go. This makes improving soil faster and cheaper.

Maxi Series Overview

Transform your agricultural operations with the Maxi Series Aervator from FarmTech Machinery, a solution specifically designed to counteract the prevalent issue of soil compaction faced by Australian farmers. By integrating the Maxi Aervator into your farming strategy, you unlock the door to heightened paddock productivity, fostering superior crop performance and enhanced profitability.

The Maxi Series Aervator stands out for its robustness and efficiency, offering double the capability of the GH Aervator. It is engineered to perform dual functions: aerating and cultivating fields in a single pass, streamlining soil improvement while reducing costs.

Design and Standard Features

Enhancing Soil Aeration for Better Plant Growth

The Maxi Soil Aerator is a tool for farmers to improve soil structure. It helps by reducing soil compaction, which allows air, water, and nutrients to reach plant roots. It also promotes the growth of helpful soil bacteria, which makes the soil healthier.

The Maxi Aervator is designed to handle tough soil conditions. It has a strong frame and chassis made from Australian steel. The hot dip galvanizing coating adds durability and prevents rust, even in challenging environments.

The Double Gang System for Challenging Soil Conditions

What sets the Maxi Aervator apart is its Double Gang system, which optimizes soil improvement. The adjustable angle of the gangs, ranging from 0 to 10 degrees, enables the Aervator to excel in tough soil conditions. The unique spacing of the metal tines on the rotors ensures efficient soil aeration and cultivation.

Customizable Options for Various Farming Needs

FarmTech Machinery offers various options for the Maxi Aervator. You can choose the setup that matches your soil type and farming methods. We have rear-attached and tow-behind models with fixed or folding frames. This flexibility allows you to customize the Aervator to your needs.

Tine Options for Versatility

You can choose regular pointy tines or Tungsten hard-faced tines. Regular tines go deep and break up compacted soil. Tungsten tines are for tough soils. They last long and work well in harsh conditions.

One Pass Renovator System for Efficiency

Our One Pass Renovator System is a combination of an Aervator, electric seeder, and spring tine harrow. This system makes soil preparation easier by loosening the soil and planting seeds at the same time. It saves time and effort, especially when dealing with difficult soil conditions.

Additional Weight Options for Compacted Soils

For extremely compacted soils, optional removable concrete weights are available to ensure the tines can penetrate deep enough. These weights can be added or removed as needed, depending on soil conditions.

At FarmTech Machinery, we know you are the kind of farmer who wants to protect your paddock’s productivity and get the most out of it. To be that way, you need a durable and innovative machine to aerate the soil and promote lush, healthy grass growth. 

The problem is that the ground can often become so hard and compacted that ordinary aerators couldn’t fully penetrate and deliver the best results. We believe Australian farmers should have access to a heavier, more durable aerator that can transform a compacted field into a well-aerated one.

We understand there is currently no viable solution in the market for increasing soil aeration, so Farmtech introduces the Maxi Series Aervator. With the Maxi Series Aervator, you’ll achieve consistent, high-quality soil aeration. To become more effective and profitable, it will help you increase your production, enhance soil aeration, get rid of fertilizer waste, and increase crop yields.

So call us now to learn more about the Maxi Series Aervator, so you can stop dealing with overly compacted soil and start maximizing your yields, eventually increasing profit. 

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Manufactured in Australia