GH Series AerVator

The premiere Aervator workhorse. Built here in Australia to help relieve soil compaction issues and promote healthier grass growth to help maximize fodder production.

Overall Width

2.0 m - 6.0 m

Working Speed

15 Kph

Required HP


Hitch Configuration

Three-Point Linkage

GH Series AerVator

The 1st Australian pasture renovator that is proven to maximize fodder production.

GH Aerator Model / Working Width
GH 2000 / 2.0m
GH 2404 / 2.4m
GH 3004 / 3.0m
GH 3504 / 3.5m
GH 4004 / 4.0m


One-Pass Seed and Till

Fights Soil Compaction


Here are some technical details of all the available variants/models in this specific product.

GH 2000 2.0 M 178 CM 2 1 605 45
GH 2400 2.4 M 217.5 CM 2 1 750 65
GH 3000 3.0 M 290 CM 2 1 900 85
GH 3500 3.5 M - 2 1 - -
GH 4000 4.0 M 482 CM 4 1 1200 95
GH 5000 5.0 M 380 CM 4 1 1500 110
GH 6000 6.0 M 595 CM 4 1 1750 140

GH Aerator - Aermax

Australian farmers often struggle to maintain and restore their pastures. Soil compaction quietly robs these farmers of their productivity and profit. Soil compaction is a condition that develops over time due to vehicle or livestock traffic or the overuse of tillage equipment.

GH Series Aervator helps Australian farmers quickly and easily remove soil compaction. This can often restore a paddock to its highest yield in just one pass per year.

GH series Overview

Elevate your farming productivity to new heights. This can be achieved with the innovative GH Series Aervator from FarmTech Machinery.

This top-tier pasture aerator is designed to alleviate soil compaction and reduce fertilizer runoff. It can turn challenges into opportunities for better crop yields and increased profits.

Unleash the full potential of your paddocks with this powerful tool, designed to unlock abundant, nutrient-rich fodder supply for your livestock.

The GH Series Aervator is more than a machinery investment – it’s a commitment to quality, efficiency, and robust returns. Rigorously tested and perfected for top-notch performance, each Aervator model is primed to rejuvenate your pastures, enabling higher feed quality and maximizing profits. Break free from the constraints of compaction and step into a new era of farming excellence with the Aervator.

Design and Standard Features

Enhanced Soil Quality & increased nutritional value for livestock

With the GH Series Aervator, soil compaction is quickly relieved, allowing water, air, and nutrients to reach the plant’s root zone. Additionally, by promoting the development and activity of aerobic bacteria, the soil’s quality is enhanced, and the amount of nutrients available to plants is increased. 

Maximize the effect of fertilizer

Paddocks that use an Aervator see a significant increase in the effectiveness of Fertilizers because the channels made by the tines allow fertilizer to penetrate deep into the soil, eliminating the chance of the fertilizer running off in the next heavy rain. 

Drought proof your paddocks

Give your plants the best chance in a drought, Your plants’ deep roots will grow strong, making your paddocks more drought-resistant. Furthermore, deep-rooted plants significantly increase their uptake of minerals and trace elements, which leads to healthier livestock.

Adjustable Angel of aggression

You can control the aggression of the tines by selecting one of five operational modes 0 offset to aerate up to 10 offset maximizes the shattering effect of the tine as it passes through the soil resulting in light cultivation. The modes are selected based on your needs or the state of your current paddock.

Preserving the grass

The GH series is meticulously designed to relieve soil compaction without destroying the existing grass that’s already in your paddock. It is often hailed as the key to productive permanent pasture

Make it a One Pass Renovator!

Interested in having your gear work even harder for you? Add an electric seeder and a spring tine harrow to create a trustworthy one-pass renovator that can loosen the soil and top up the seed in your paddock in a single pass. This strategy has already saved thousands of farmers and can work for you too.

Built heavy-duty here in Australia

The machine comes in six fixed-width models with working widths ranging from 2 to 5 meters. Depending on the model, this requires a tractor with a power output of 45 to 160HP. With each pass, the multi-gang system effectively perforates the soil. The machinery has from 4-meter to 12-meter foldable colossal if you are looking for various sizes. 

At FarmTech Machinery, we know you are the kind of farmers who want to be known for raising the most productive and healthiest livestock. To be that way, you need appropriate Paddocks that make abundant nutritious fodder for your livestock. 

The problem is that farmers often struggle to economically relieve compaction and eliminate fertiliser runoff, which results in low-quality products and loss of profit. We believe that farmers deserve to have the right tools needed to restore paddocks in order for them to produce the highest quality feed and maximize profits.

We understand that the GH Series Aervator is an investment. That’s why we designed and tested every model to ensure that they are able to restore fields to top-notch production so that you can renovate your pastures, produce high-quality feed and make a profit. 

So don’t miss out on machinery that can relieve the compaction that is holding your paddocks hostage and start maximizing your profit. Call us today at FarmTech Machinery to order your GH Series Aervator! 

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Manufactured in Australia