Viking – Belt Spreaders – SpreadX

Simplify Your Spreading with One Lever for All Hydraulic Automatic System

Accurate Dispersion

Heavy-Duty Construction

Durable and Rugged


Here are some technical details of all the available variants/models in this specific product.

Hooper Capacity 2.7m²/95.35ft³
Nominal Capacity 3 Ton
Spreading Width (m/ft) 20~25/66~86
No. of Discs 2
Outlet Shutter Control Hydraulic
Spreading Pattern Full Width Spreading (180°)
Weight (kg/lbs.) 1250/2756
Length (mm/inch) 5150/202.7
Height (mm/inch) 1625/63.9
Width (mm/inch) 1800/70.8
Feed Mesh Chain Width (mm/inch) 500/19.6
Disc Size (mm/inch) 600/23.6
Hooper Material Stainless Steel
Axles Single
Tires 11.5/80 - 15.3 tires x3
Power Feeding: Ground Driven | Hydraulic Driven Kit(Option) | Spinner: Hydraulic

Viking Belt Spreaders- SpreadX

Many Australian farmers face challenges with precise and efficient fertilizer spreading. The Viking multi-spreader provides a solution with its stainless steel hydraulic drive mesh chain conveyor, allowing for accurate spreading, adjustable spinner disc speed, and optional hydraulic-driven system for peak performance.

Viking Belt Spreaders Overview

The Farmtech Select Viking Multi Spreader stands out as an innovative solution for Australian farmers aiming for precise and efficient spreading of dry fertilizer, compost, and lime. Its advanced design and robust construction ensure durability and consistent performance, making it an essential tool for modern farming operations.

Design and Standard Features

Stainless Mesh Conveyor

Offers precise control over the amount of fertilizer or sand spread, enhancing the accuracy of applications. This stainless steel conveyor is more durable than traditional rubber conveyors, ensuring longevity and reliability.

Comprehensive Stainless Steel Components

Includes a hopper, feeding conveyor belt, spinner discs, and vanes which are resistant to corrosion and wear, enhancing the spreader’s durability and maintaining the purity of materials being spread.

Adjustable Spinner Disc Speed

The speed of the spinner disc can be controlled by a valve, allowing for a tailored spread rate depending on the application requirements and ensuring even distribution of materials.

Hydraulic Automatic System

Simplifies the operation by linking the control of the conveyor and the fertilizer outlet under one hydraulic lever. This system streamlines the spreading process, making it more efficient and user-friendly.

Ground-Driven Operation

Ensures that the spread of fertilizer is consistent regardless of the speed of the vehicle. This feature allows for an even distribution as the vehicle’s speed dictates the rate at which fertilizer is fed into the spinner disc.

Adjustable Hydraulic Outlet Shutter

Enables the operator to precisely control and fix the outlet size as required, providing flexibility and precision in spreading different materials.

Relief Valve for Hydraulic Motor

Improves the durability of the hydraulic motor for the spinner disc by managing pressure changes and overload conditions, ensuring the longevity and consistent performance of the machine.

At FarmTech Machinery, we understand that precision and versatility are key to effective fertilization and soil management. Finding a reliable spreader that can handle various materials, from dry fertilizer to compost and lime, can be challenging. We believe that high-quality, durable equipment is essential for maintaining soil health and ensuring the success of your crops.

That’s why we recommend the Farmtech Select Viking multi spreader, designed to meet the diverse needs of modern farming operations. This spreader ensures precise distribution, whether you’re working with dry fertilizer, compost, or lime.

Contact FarmTech Machinery today to learn more about the Select Viking multi spreader and how it can enhance your farming operations, or ask about our Australia-wide delivery options.

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