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High Capacity Hopper

Heavy-Duty Construction

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Here are some technical details of all the available variants/models in this specific product.

MODEL FS2 1400
Working Width (m) 18-20
Total Width (mm) 1800
Total Length (mm) 1390
No. Of Spinners 2
Fertiliser Capacity (kg) 1400
Machine Weight (kg) 275
Required Power (hp) 65-110

FS2 1400 Fert Spreader – Agromaster

Many Australian Farmers struggle with underperforming paddocks due to a lack of nutrients 

The FS2 1400 Fertiliser spreader solves this problem by providing an economical way of accurately and reliably spreading fertilizer on your paddock. 

FS2 1400 Fert Spreader Overview

The FS2 1400 is an economical twin disc granular fertiliser spreader that is designed to handle 1 ton of fertilizer with ease. With a capacity of up to 1-ton Bulka Bag, this heavy-duty spreader is equipped with twin spinner discs that provide a spread width of up to 20m. Its wide range and high capacity make it a popular choice for farmers who need to cover a large area quickly.

The FS2 1400 features a painted steel hopper that is durable and long-lasting, as well as stainless steel discs that ensure efficient and even spread of fertiliser. The spreader is powered by a PTO shaft and hydraulic shutter control.

Design and Standard Features

1 Ton Capacity Painted Steel Hopper

The FS2 1400 Twin Spinner Spreader is equipped with a 1 Ton Capacity Painted Steel Hopper that can hold up to 1400 litres equivalent to a 1 ton bulka bag of granular urea.

Twin Stainless Steel Discs & Vanes

One of the standout features of the FS2 1400 twin spinner spreader is its twin stainless steel discs and vanes. Stainless steel is renowned for its high level of corrosion resistance, making it an excellent material choice.

Steel PTO Gearbox

Steel PTO Gearbox is a crucial component when it comes to the reliable transfer of power from your tractor to the twin spinner. The Steel PTO Gearbox is one of the most durable and long-lasting ways to transfer power to your spreader’s spinners.

Easy Calibration

Calibrating a spreader may seem like a daunting task, but with the FS2 1400 – Twin Spinner Spreader, it’s easy and takes only a few minutes. The twin spinner spreader features an adjustable spread system that allows you to calibrate the spreader according to your needs.

Hydraulic Shutter control

One of the key features of the FS2 1400 twin spinner spreader is its hydraulic shutter control. This innovative technology allows the operator to easily and efficiently shut the shutter in the headlands, eliminating the waste of fertiliser that can occur when spreading near the edges of fields.

Hopper Screen

When it comes to fertilizer spreaders, the hopper screen plays a critical role in preventing foreign bodies from falling onto the discs and causing damage to the spreader. The hopper screen is designed with a durable and heavy screen that is capable of filtering out unwanted materials such as steel, rocks, and other debris that may interfere with the smooth operation of the spreader.

Up to 20m spread width

FarmTech Machinery’s FS2 1400 Twin Spinner Spreader is the perfect choice for spreading granular fertilizers efficiently and consistently. Its twin stainless steel discs ensure a wide range of spread, allowing for a consistent spread width of up to 20m.

Optional bag lifter

With the BBL1000 lifting jib, farmers can easily lift a 1-ton bulka bag, allowing one tractor to load and spread fertilizer with ease. This innovative attachment reduces the need for extra tractor or manpower and increases efficiency while ensuring safety during the loading process.

Wheels for Easy Storage

The FS2 1400 – Twin Spinner Spreader is a professional fertilizer spreader with exceptional features. One of which is its convenient wheels that allow for easy storage and transport. When disconnected from the tractor, you can rely on these wheels to make transportation across even surfaces, such as inside a storage shed, a breeze.

At FarmTech Machinery we know you are the kind of farmer who wants to fertilize the paddock while minimizing expenses effectively. In order to be that way, you need a large-capacity spreader that can scatter the fertilizer in a wide area.

The problem is that most spreaders in the market have small hopper capacities, which makes the process take longer and costs higher. We believe Australian farmers deserve high-capacity spreaders for efficient spreading.

We understand the struggles that Australian farmers constantly face. That’s why we have the FS2 1400 Twin Spinner Spreader from Agromaster. Here’s how it works: with the GS2’s large hopper capacity, it can take up to 1 ton or 1400L of granulated fertilizer and spread it up to 20 meters.

So get in touch with our expert sales team today, so you can stop wasting precious resources on mediocre spreaders and start optimizing the fertilizer spreading with the GS2 1400 Twin Spinner Spreader.

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