Jeantil GTi

Reduces soil compaction and surface damage. Heavy machinery traffic during slurry spreading can compact soil and cause surface damage, hindering plant root development. With the Jeantil GTi Slurry Tanker’s precision application and low ground pressure, minimize soil compaction and surface damage, preserving soil health and promoting optimal crop growth.

Tank Capacity

4,220 L - 10,623 L

Default Pump Action

Pumping Arm

Axle Type

Single Axle

Tyre Configuration

Flotation Tyres

GTi – Slurry Tanker – Jeantil

Bring much-needed nutrients to your fields with ease

GTi Model / Tank capacity

GTi 4500 / 4,220 l
GTi 5500 / 5,530 l
GTi 6500 / 6,840 l
GTi 8500 / 8,600 l
GTi 10500 / 10,623 l

Rated for Environmental Safety

Durable and Versatile

Built for Sustainability


Here are some technical details of all the available variants/models in this specific product.

Characteristics of the standard version GTi 4500 GTi 5500 GTi 6500 GTi 8500 GTi 10500
Tank capacity (l) 4220 5530 6840 8600 10623
Max. admissible weight (kg) 5765 7335 8795 11200 13400
Unladen weight (kg) 1540 2060 1995 2520 3100
Tank Ø (mm) 1500 1500 1500 1600 1600
Anti-surge baffle plate - - 1 1 2
Sight glass 1 1 1 2 2
Front valve take-off L L L L L
Standard wheels 15x22,5 15x22,5 15x22,5 15x22,5 16x22,5
Dimensions for standard version GTi 4500 GTi 5500 GTi 6500 GTi 8500 GTi 10500
Tank length (mm) 2518 3268 4018 4556 5456
Overall length (mm) 4450 5200 5950 6450 7350
Overall width (mm) 2300 2300 2300 2300 2350
Overall height (mm) 2650 2700 2700 2800 2850

GTi Slurry Tanker – Jeantil

Australian farmers need help managing and distributing their slurry fertiliser to their fields.The GTi series of Slurry Spreaders from Jeantil is a wide range of economical and versatile tankers capable of transporting and distributing slurry fertiliser effortlessly.

GTi Slurry Tanker Overview

Elevate your agricultural productivity with the GTi series of Slurry Spreaders from Jeantil, specifically designed to aid Australian farmers in efficiently managing and distributing slurry fertilizer. These tankers combine economy and versatility, transforming the way you bring essential nutrients to your fields.

Design and Standard Features

Large Capacity Tank

 Ranging from 8,500 to 24,000 liters, the GTi series slurry spreaders are designed for efficiency and reduced refilling times. Their large capacity ensures that Australian farmers can cover more ground without constant stops for refills, optimizing productivity and time management.

Innovative and Robust Design

 Featuring an innovative design where the tank is independent of the chassis, these spreaders offer enhanced durability and compliance with the Pressure Equipment Directive (PED). This unique construction also facilitates effective mountain emptying through a smooth tank floor and a SE hydraulic bronze rear valve.

Impressive Maneuverability

 The integrated chassis-tank construction paired with a single axle enhances maneuverability, allowing for easier navigation through fields, especially in tight spaces. This design ensures efficient and effortless slurry distribution, even in challenging terrain

Easy Maintenance

 With a fully galvanised body and a 900 mm rear tank access hatch, maintenance and cleaning are simplified. The smooth galvanized monobloc bottom prevents slurry accumulations, ensuring the spreader remains clean and efficient after each use.

Smart Control Technology

Equipped with smart control technology, the GTi series allows for automatic regulation of the spreading valve based on the forward speed and the real-time flow rate. This feature, combined with a speed sensor on the slurry tanker’s wheel and an inductive flow meter, ensures precise and even spreading.

Customizable with Accessories

 The GTi range offers a wide variety of accessories to optimize performance, including a 600 mm upper filling hatch, top-mounted filling cone, hydraulic pump with heat dissipator, Dosimat, and exact grinder-distributor. These additional features enable farmers to tailor the slurry spreader to their specific needs and operational conditions.

Stability and Operator Safety

 These slurry spreaders are designed for stability under all conditions, featuring operator safety components such as a sealed pressure safety valve, saffle partition, front detritus chamber, and a pressure control manometer. These features provide peace of mind and protection during operation.

At FarmTech Machinery, we know you are the kind of farmers who want to be resourceful and economical with your livestock dung management. To be that way, you need a slurry tanker that converts and recycles manure effectively.

The problem is that some tanker spreaders lack proper protection for the user and are prone to overheating, making them risky to use. We believe you should have a safety and heat-dissipating component in your slurry tank spreader.

We understand every farmer’s need for an ideal slurry spreader. That’s why we highly recommend the GTi series- Slurry Spreaders- Jeantil. These series have integrated chassis-tank reinforced with galvanised tubes, an internal pneumatic mixer, a hydraulic pump heat dissipator, and with operator safety features. 

Here’s how it works: after mounting to the tractor, switch on the machine’s hydraulic system and the distributor position to flow mode, then the compression control to pumping mode. The machine distributes a well-mixed and exact amount of slurry fertiliser each time during operation.

So get in touch with FarmTech today, so you can stop using non-safety and health-risk slurry tankers and start using a safe and cost-effective slurry tanker spreader to enrich your swards ready for the spring’s grazing season.

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