Superted Hay Conditioner Swath Tedder – Teagle

Reduce Tedding Time, Maximize Nutrition.

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Here are some technical details of all the available variants/models in this specific product.

MODEL 160 221
Pick-up width 1.6m (5'3") 2.2m (7'3")
Overall width (with wheels/without wheels) 2.31m /1.93m (7'7"/6’4”) 3.10m / 2.54m (10'2"/8'4")
Overall length - doors open 2.35m 3.27m
Overall length - doors closed 1.32m 1.86m
Overall height - in lowest working position 0.96m 1.04m
Height adjustment 0 - 150mm 40 - 200mm
Castor wheel tyre size 170/60 - 8 6.00 - 9
PTO speed 540rpm
PTO type Standard With over-run clutch
Weight 515kg 795kg
Minimum tractor size 45hp (33kW) 60hp (45kW)
Number of drive belts 3 x 'B' Section 4 x ‘B’ Section
Linkage Cat 1 or 2 Cat 2

Superted Hay Conditioner Swath Tedder – Teagle

Many Australian farmers grapple with rising diesel and labor costs linked to traditional tedding methods, involving multiple passes and raking for uniform drying. The Teagle Super Ted Hay Tedder efficiently fluffs material, shortens drying time by up to 90%, and eliminates the need for raking, cutting labor and diesel expenses while enhancing crop nutrition

Superted Hay Conditioner Swath Tedder Overview

The Teagle Superted Hay Tedder represents a significant advancement in the efficiency and quality of hay and silage production for Australian farmers. Developed in response to the rising costs of diesel and labor, the Superted Hay Tedder offers an innovative solution for faster, more cost-effective tedding operations.

Design and Standard Features

Reduced Labor and Diesel Costs

Designed for efficient operation, the Teagle SuperTed Hay Tedder reduces the time and labor required to prepare hay for baling, significantly cutting down on fuel consumption and operational costs.

Faster Curing to Maximize Crop Nutrition

By speeding up the drying process, the SuperTed ensures that hay retains its nutritional quality, reducing drying time by up to 90% while minimizing damage and preventing mold.

Swath Formation

The SuperTed creates consistent, square-shaped swaths that are resilient to weather conditions, eliminating the need for additional raking and streamlining the baling process.

Massive Strength and Capacity

With a working width of 2.2 meters and individually retained tines, it is built for durability and efficiency, ensuring even handling of large crop volumes.

Engineered for Heavy Crops

Tailored to handle heavy crop loads, the SuperTed is equipped with an adjustable front hood to manage different crop densities effectively.

Engineered for Australian Conditions

Specifically tested and proven efficient under diverse Australian farming conditions, the SuperTed Hay Tedder is designed to offer a competitive edge by enhancing productivity and crop quality.

Adjustable Settings

Features easily adjustable width and offset to customize the height, width, and spacing of the swaths to fit specific field conditions and crop types.

At FarmTech Machinery, we understand the urgency of creating nutrient-rich bales while cutting costs in the hay and silage seasons. You need a process that minimizes curing time and maximizes harvest efficiency.

The challenge lies in the outdated equipment and methods that demand multiple passes and extended drying times, which compress your margins and frustrate your efforts to improve profitability.

Don’t let old methods weigh down your efficiency. Reach out now to harness the power of the SuperTed, reduce your working hours, and start realizing the full potential of your hard work with better returns.

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Manufactured in Australia