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Here are some technical details of all the available variants/models in this specific product.

MODEL HD1500 HD1800 HD2100
Cut 1500 mm 1800mm 2100mm
HP 75hp 75hp 75hp

HD Series slasher - Farmtech

Australian farmers usually struggle with summer grass and weeds, hindering winter grass growth. Introducing the HD Slasher Series from Farmtech Machinery! Specifically for Australian farms, its compact frame allows for smooth movement even on rough grounds while being able to withstand harsh elements of the outdoors. 

HD Series slasher Overview

The Farmtech HD Series Slasher is a robust, reliable solution for Australian farmers dealing with tough summer grass and persistent weeds, which can impede the growth of valuable winter grasses. Designed with the challenges of the Australian landscape in mind, this slasher combines strength, efficiency, and maneuverability, making it an essential tool for maintaining neat, tidy, and productive farms.

Design and Standard Features

Unibody Press Deck

The Slasher is built with a unibody press deck, made from a single 5mm steel plate, ensuring superior strength and durability while maintaining a lightweight frame for easy maneuverability.

Floating Headstock Design

This feature allows the Slasher to follow the contours of the ground, providing a smooth glide over uneven terrain and ensuring consistent grass cutting.

Size Variability

Available in two sizes, 1.5 m and 1.8 m models, catering to different size requirements and making it suitable for various farm sizes.

Australian Made for Local Conditions

Designed and constructed with the Australian climate and terrain in mind, it meets local compliance standards for quality and reliability.

Three-Bladed Cutting System

Equipped with a triangle rotor system and three-stepped suction lift blades, it ensures efficient, fast, and clean cutting, even in thick and overgrown grass.

Robust Gearbox Protection

Features a 75 HP rated gearbox, safely enclosed within a centre box section with a steel guard surrounding the output shaft, offering better protection against external impacts and long-term durability.

Safety Features

Includes front and rear chain guards to protect the blades from hard objects in the field, enhancing safety and prolonging the life of the machine.

At FarmTech Machinery, we know you are the kind of farmer who wants to be efficient in every process of farm preparation. In order to be that way, you need grass cutters that have high cutting strength and are also lightweight to allow flexible grass cutting. 

The problem is the unique combination of strong grass cutters with a durable, lightweight frame is hard to come by. We believe you deserve powerful grasscutters explicitly made for the unique Australian market.

We understand your specific demands in cutting implements. That’s why we developed the HD75 Slasher series to address your needs. Tailor-made with Australian farmers in mind, these high-power grass cutters do the task efficiently.

So get in touch with our team today so you can stop wasting time and money with mediocre grass cutters and start gliding through the field in minimal time and effort with the Farmtech HD75 Slasher Series. 

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Manufactured in Australia