TC I75 Multi Shear - Tanco

Effortlessly cut silage blocks from a silage pit or slice bales with ease!

Grab and Shear-in-One

Efficient Bale Handling

Reduces Production Time


Here are some technical details of all the available variants/models in this specific product.

Height (Closed) 0.9 m
Height (Open) 1.8 m
Width 2.0 m
Length 1.30 m
Weight 630 kg
Max. Bale Length 1.40 m
Max. Bale Diameter 1.55 m
Max. Bale Weight 1,400 kg capacity
Hydraulic Connection Double acting service
Oil Pressure 210 bar / 150 bar
Oil Amount (Max / Min) 70 L / 20 L
Max. Counter Pressure 15 bar

TC I75 Multi Shear- Tanco

Many Australian Farmers struggle with efficiently cutting and transporting silage without causing fermentation, which can harm livestock health and affect profits. The TC I75 Multi Shear from Tanco, available through FarmTech Machinery, simplifies this task by seamlessly cutting, grabbing, and shearing both pit and bale silage, ensuring clean, fast, and efficient feed preparation and transport with minimal risk of spoilage.

TC I75 Multi Shear Overview

The Tanco TC I75 Multi Shear provides a comprehensive solution for Australian farmers struggling with efficient feed processing and transportation. This innovative device streamlines the silage cutting and bale shearing process, combining multiple functionalities into one piece of equipment to ensure clean and efficient feed preparation.

Design and Standard Features

Grab and Shear Functionality

The TC I75 Multi Shear acts as both a grab and a shear, allowing for efficient feed preparation and transportation, significantly reducing the time and labor required for feeding livestock.

Precision Blades

Equipped with front and side blades powered by two hydraulic rams, the TC I75 can effortlessly cut through silage, hay, or maize without damaging the plastic or netting, maintaining feed quality and preventing fermentation.

Compatibility with Modern Loaders

The TC I75 comes with brackets that can be installed on all modern loaders, enhancing the utility of existing farm equipment and avoiding additional expenses.

Large Bale Handling

Capable of splitting and handling round bales from 1.2m to 1.5m, making it suitable for various feed sizes and types, enhancing its versatility and application across different farming operations.

Hydraulic Operation

Features a powerful hydraulic operation for cutting and transporting feed, ensuring fast, efficient, and precise control over feed preparation tasks.

Durability and Safety

Constructed with durability in mind, the TC I75 ensures the safe handling of feed, reducing the risk of fermentation and contamination, thus preserving the health of livestock and ensuring farm productivity.

Efficient Feed Distribution

Designed for simplicity and efficiency, the TC I75 Multi Shear allows farmers to move, cut, and distribute hay and silage directly to feeders, feed rings, wagons, or passageways, streamlining the feeding process.

At FarmTech Machinery, we recognize you as the farmer striving for top-notch animal feed quality. The right tool can streamline feed transport while preserving its freshness.

The challenge? Efficiently managing silage, maize, and hay often leads to unnecessary purchases of various equipment, affecting your budget. We believe in providing cost-effective, high-performance solutions.

Embrace efficient, clean feeding methods with the TC I75 Multi Shear. Contact FarmTech Machinery today and transform your feed transportation process.

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Manufactured in Australia