IJS Series – Spreader – SpreadX

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Here are some technical details of all the available variants/models in this specific product.

Hooper Capacity (L) 200L 340L
Outlet Shutter Control Mechanic Mechanic
Weight of the Machine 52.5kg 340kg
Width (Outside side) 1120mm 1120mm
Loading Height 900mm 1100mm
Length 1120mm 1120mm
Spreading Width 8-16m 8-16m
Power P.T.O P.T.O

IJS Sersie Spreader – SpreadX

Australian farmers often need help dealing with precision lime spreading on their farmland so it falls exactly where they want it to be.


The IJS series fertiliser spreader is an economical single-disc drop-spreader with a low horsepower requirement for precise small-scare operations without having it blown away by the wind. 

IJS Sersie Spreader Overview

The Iris IJS series fertiliser spreader is an ideal solution for Australian farmers seeking precise lime spreading capabilities. This economical, single-disc drop-spreader is designed for small-scale operations, ensuring lime and fertilisers fall exactly where needed without being affected by the wind.

Design and Standard Features

Sturdy Design

Built with a heavy-duty frame and a square structure for enhanced durability. Features a heavy-duty poly hopper for impact resistance and corrosion prevention, ensuring longevity and reliability in various weather conditions.

Spinner Clutch System

Incorporates a unique spinner clutch system that disconnects the gearbox when not in use, reducing unnecessary wear and tear, thereby prolonging the lifespan of the spreader.

Stainless Steel Parts

Essential parts made from stainless steel to minimize corrosion, enhancing the durability and maintenance ease of the machine, making it a dependable tool for any farming condition.

Accurate Rate Control

Features an accurate rate control lever with a lever guide pin, allowing for precise adjustments and ensuring the spreader delivers the correct amount of material, enhancing soil fertility and crop growth.

Effective and Dependable Drop Spreader

 Equipped with a hopper volume of 200 – 340 litres, it provides precise control over spreading with widths adjustable between 6m and 14m, enabling accurate lime and fertilizer distribution according to specific farm needs.

Adaptable Spreading Patterns

 Offers the ability to choose from three different spreading patterns through shutter adjustment, providing versatility to meet a variety of spreading requirements and conditions effectively.

Optional Quality-of-Life Features

Includes an optional in-cab electric shut-off system for convenient remote operation and optional side conveyors designed for orchards to save on fertilizer and reduce labor costs.

At FarmTech Machinery, we know you are the kind of farmer who wants to maintain well-nourished and nutrient-rich paddocks. To be that way, you must enrich the field with lime, fertiliser, and other components.

The problem is that lime is so light that it could spread to neighbouring paddocks instead of yours. We believe Australian farmers should be able to maximise their lime spreading. We understand that Australian farmers need lime spreaders that spread lime properly on their paddocks.

 That’s why we bring you the Iris IJS Single Lime Spreader series to ensure your lime goes where it should – on your your field. Here’s how it works: Attach your IJS Single Lime Spreader to compatible tractors or Utes/ATVs. Next, drive around your field while the machine does its intended purpose. Lastly, finish up and enjoy a finished land of evenly fertilized crops.

So get in touch with our sales specialists today, so you can stop wasting valuable resources and start spreading lime where it should be.

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