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Here are some technical details of all the available variants/models in this specific product.

MODEL IODD - 750J IODD - 1300H IODD - 1300A IODD - 1300J IODD - 2000J
Capacity ( L/Gallon) 970/256 1300/343 2000/528
Spreading Width (m/ft) 8~24 / 26~78 8~18 / 26~59 8~24 / 26~78
No. Discs 2
Outlet Shutter Control Hydraulic
Spreading Pattern Full Width Spreading (180*)
Weight (kg/lbs) 300/661 470/1036 450/992 450/992 480/1058
Length (mm/inch) 1320/52 1700/67 1380/54.3 1380/54.3 1380/54.3
Height (mm/inch) 1330/52.3 1360/53.5 1330/52.3 1610/63.3
Width (mm/inch) 1800/70.8 2300/90.5 2300/90.5 2300/90.5
Hopper Material Stainless Steel 430 (Option : Stainless 201 or 304)
Power Feeding & Agitator & Spinner : Hydraulic

IODD Multi Spreaders- SpreadX

Many Australian farmers struggle with limited spreader versatility, requiring multiple purchases for different fertilizers. The IODD Multi-Spreader series handles a wide range of materials in a single go, from dry organic compost and manure to granules, fertilizers, sand, and salt, making it a versatile solution for all their spreading needs.

IODD Multi Spreaders Overview

The IODD Multi-Spreader – SpreadX is a Twin spinner multi spreader designed to spread a wide range of fertiliser, such as Manure (chicken and cattle), Compost, Lime, Gypsum, Salt, Granular Fertilizer and Wood chips. Built with a robust steel frame, the SpreadX features an adjustable spread width up to 16 meters and high capacity stainless steel hopper for large applications. The SpreadX has been designed to provide consistent coverage. This makes it ideal for most spreading needs. The low maintenance and corosian resistant design ensures that the upkeep costs are kept to a minimum while ensuring reliable performance over time.

Design and Standard Features

Heavy Duty Frame

Built with a robust steel frame, ensuring long-term durability and stability. This heavy-duty construction allows the spreader to withstand the harsh Australian farming conditions and various materials it carries.

Stainless Steel Components

Features stainless steel hopper, prevention plates, spinner discs, and vanes which are resistant to wear, tear, and corrosion. This guarantees longevity, making the IODD Multi-Spreader a valuable long-term investment for farmers.

Twin Spinner Mechanism

Equipped with twin spinners and adjustable flow rates, it ensures efficient and even spreading of various materials, from manure and compost to lime and granular fertilizers, across a wide range of field conditions.

Hydraulic Powered Double Auger and Agitator

This feature prevents material from bridging, ensuring even flow through the shutters for consistent spreading. This technology enhances the spreader’s efficiency, particularly with different material types.

Large Capacity

Available in models with capacities ranging from 750L to 2000L, suitable for different scales of farming operations. This allows farmers to cover larger areas without the need for frequent refills.

Spinner Drive Systems

Available in two models – the (A Series) with hydraulic powered spinners for easy control and uniform distribution, and the (J Series) with PTO powered spinners, making use of tractor power for efficient spreading.

Adjustable Two-Mode Shutter System

Designed for versatility, the spreader includes two shutters: one for larger coarse materials and another for granular fertilizers, enabling seamless switching between different spreading needs.

At FarmTech Machinery, we know you are the kind of farmer who wants to nourish your farm with minimum time and effort. In order to be that way, you need a spreader machine that is high quality and reliable to help you do the job swiftly.

The problem is that many spreading equipment is single-purpose, making you switch from one machine to another depending on the material that requires spreading. We believe that using a self-loading multi-spreader machine effectively eliminates the loading problem and saves you time and effort.

We understand that efficiency leads to profitability. That’s why we introduce you to the FarmTech IODD multi-spreader series, a set of self-loading multi-spreaders designed to spread various dry materials in one. Here’s how it works; simply put down the rear bucket hatch, back up into a pile of your intended materials, and then let the hydraulics system do the loading work for you. Lastly, you can close the hatch and start your multi-spreader machine for distribution when the spreader is fully loaded.

Contact our team today so you can stop wasting so much of your time and effort and start getting more tasks done in one go.

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