ILS Series – Lime Spreader – SpreadX

Lime where you want it and not blowing into your neighbor’s paddocks 

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Here are some technical details of all the available variants/models in this specific product.

MODEL ILS - 200 ILS - 2200 ILS - 3010
Hopper Capacity 300 L 500 L 770 L
Nominal Capacity 390 kg 650 kg 1000 kg
Working Speed (km/H) 6 ~ 12 6 ~ 12 6 ~ 12
Spreading Width (m) 1.2 2 2.4
Outlet Shutter Control Mechanic Mechanic Mechanic
Weight (kg) 102 177 334
Length (mm) 1660 900 2030
Height (mm) 820 820 1000
Width (mm) 1600 2400 3000
Hooper Material F.R.P Stainless Steel Stainless Steel
Power Ground Driven Ground Driven Ground Driven

ILS Series Lime Spreader- SpreadX

Australian farmers often struggle to efficiently spread lime without it blowing into their neighbor’s paddocks. SpreadX ILS Lime Spreader allows you to make the best of your resources with no dusty mess by spreading your fertilizer evenly and dropping it directly on the ground.

ILS Series Lime Spreader Overview

The SpreadX ILS Lime Spreader from FarmTech provides an ideal solution for Australian farmers facing challenges with efficient lime spreading. Specifically designed to prevent lime from blowing away to neighboring paddocks, this spreader ensures your lime application is precise, mess-free, and solely beneficial to your land.

Design and Standard Features

Ground-Driven Drop Spreader Design

Ensures precise application, allowing the lime to fall directly onto the ground rather than being blown away. This makes it ideal for conditions where wind dispersal of lime can be problematic.

Versatility for Small-Scale Operations

Perfectly suited for smaller farms or specific areas needing targeted lime spreading. The design allows for efficient and seamless application with every pass.

High-Quality Construction

The spreader is built to last, with most parts made from stainless steel materials to prevent rust and corrosion due to chemical exposure, ensuring longevity and reliability.

Optional Hydraulic Remote Control System

An additional feature that can be added to your spreader, allowing for more comfortable and efficient control from the cab of your tractor or UTV/ATV.

Compatibility with UTV/ATV and Tractors

Available in different variants to suit your operational needs; from lighter, smaller 300L capacity models made from FRP for UTVs and ATVs to larger 500L and 700L models for tractors, made entirely of stainless steel.

Environmental and Neighborly Friendly

Aims to resolve the common problem of lime blowing onto neighboring paddocks, thereby ensuring that the lime is spread precisely where it is needed, enhancing the efficiency of lime usage and reducing waste.

Premium Economy Lime Spreader

Designed to provide an economical yet high-quality option for farmers looking to improve their soil quality without the hefty price tag of larger units.

At FarmTech Machinery we know you are the kind of farmer who wants to maximize the lime spreading on your field. In order to be that way, you need a reliable lime spreader that gets the job done.

The problem is that many lime spreaders in the market don’t directly spread the lime on the ground, leading to them blowing over the next field instead of yours. We believe Australian farmers deserve lime spreaders that deliver the lime on their field, not to your neighbor’s.

We understand that Australian farmers need lime spreaders that spread lime properly on their paddocks. That’s why we bring you the SpreadX ILS Lime Spreader to ensure that your fertilizer goes where it’s supposed to. Here’s how it works: First, attach your ILS Lime Spreader to compatible tractors or UTVs/ATVs. Next, drive around your field while the machine does its intended purpose. Lastly, finish up and enjoy a finished land of evenly fertilized crops.

So call us now, so you can stop spreading unwanted fertilizer dust around your property and start letting your crops maximize the benefits of your fertilizers.

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