Maximulch Series – Speed Disc Tiller – Agrisem

A dual-function machine for a more powerful loosening and stubble-breaking

Seedbed Preparation

Reliable and Robust Design

Highly Versatile and Adaptable


Here are some technical details of all the available variants/models in this specific product.

Working width (m) 3 3.5 4
Transport width ( m) (without accessories) 3 3.5 4
Power requirement mini - maxi (hp) 120 - 160 145 - 195 170 - 220
GH 3500Weight with Shear-Bolt security and Cage roller Ø526 (kg) 2 152 2 435 2 738
Weight with Non-Stop security and Cage roller Ø526 (kg) 2 542 2 903 3 284
Number of discs 21 25 29
Number of TCS blades 5 6 7
Working width (m) 4.5 6
Weight (kg) with roller cage 7 770 7 860 9 420 9 510
Power (hp) 180 - 240 180 - 240 250 - 350 250 - 350
Number of discs 36+1 36 + 1 48+1 48+1
Weight with Non-Stop security and Cage roller Ø526 (kg) 6 8 8 10

Maximulch Series Speed Disc Tiller- Agrisem

Many Australian farmers struggle with soil loosening and stubble breaking. The Agrisem Maximulch Series 3 addresses these challenges with its adjustable blades and versatile design for effective deep soil work and mulching.

Maximulch Series Speed Disc Tiller Overview

The Agrisem Maximulch Series 3 stands as a pinnacle of agricultural innovation, skillfully combining the functionalities of a soil loosener and a stubble breaker into one powerful machine. This versatile implement is designed to enhance soil preparation and stubble management, offering adjustable operational depth and multifunctional capabilities to meet the diverse needs of modern farming.


Design and Standard Features

Dual Functionality

The Agrisem Maximulch Series 3 combines the functionalities of a soil loosener and a stubble breaker in one machine, offering versatility for farmers looking to perform multiple tasks with a single piece of equipment.

Adjustable Working Depth

The adjustable height of the blades, controlled with a rack and pinion mechanism, allows for a working depth ranging from 5 to 25 cm. This feature provides flexibility to accommodate different soil conditions and farming requirements.

Blade Lifting Capability

The Maximulch offers the unique advantage of being able to raise the blade, enabling the machine to be used solely as a disc stubble-breaker when needed, adding to its versatility and applicability for various crop cycles.

Maintenance-Free High Security SR Hubs

The inclusion of high security SR hubs that are maintenance-free reduces downtime and operating costs, enhancing the overall efficiency and reliability of the machine.

Quality Mulching with Secure Disc Assembly

Equipped with 560mm discs featuring security for enhanced durability, the Maximulch ensures high-quality mulching and effective soil mixing, which is essential for preparing the land for sowing.

Hydraulic Folding for Easy Transport

The mounted version of the Maximulch benefits from a hydraulic folding mechanism of the roller, significantly reducing the overhang and weight on the tractor’s back lift during transport, enhancing safety and ease of movement between fields.

Variety of Rollers for Different Conditions

With different types of rollers available, the Maximulch Series 3 can be adapted to complete the work efficiently under any soil condition, ensuring optimal support and soil structure post-tillage.

At FarmTech Machinery, we understand that efficient field management is crucial for achieving high-quality soil and ensuring optimal growth conditions for your crops. The need for versatile tools that can adapt to various soil types and agricultural practices is more critical than ever.

The challenge for many farmers is finding a machine that combines the ability to break down stubble efficiently while also loosening the soil to the right depth without multiple passes or different machines. We believe in providing solutions that offer flexibility and high performance in one package.

Don’t let the limitations of traditional equipment hold back your farming potential. Contact us today to discover how this machine can enhance your soil preparation and contribute to a more productive and profitable season.


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Manufactured in Australia