Milano Mega – Mulcher – Omarv

The key to clearing overgrown vegetation from your paddock!

All-Around Heavy Stalk Chopper

Reliable and Robust Design

Low Maintenance


Here are some technical details of all the available variants/models in this specific product.

MODEL 320 T MR 400 T MR 450 T MR 520 T MR 600 T MR 640 T MR
WORK WIDTH (cm) 320 400 450 520 600 640
WIDTH MACHINE (cm) 360 440 490 560 640 680
WEIGHT (Kg) 1745 2180 2300 2420 2550 2780
№ KNIFE 80 100 112 116 132 140
№ HAMMER 40 50 56 56 64 68
№ BELTS SPBX 8 8 8 10 10 10

Milano Mega Mulcher – Omarv

Many Australian Farmers struggle with efficiently clearing fields overgrown with thick grasses, shrubs, and crop residue, which often requires laborious effort and extensive time. The Milano Mega by OMARV, provided by FarmTech Machinery, is engineered to tackle these challenges head-on, offering an all-around heavy stalk chopping solution that clears fields in fewer passes while being robust enough to handle diverse vegetation with minimal maintenance.

Milano Mega Mulcher Overview

The OMARV Milano Mega is a high-capacity, heavy-duty stalk chopper and mulcher designed to tackle overgrown vegetation, transforming paddocks into clean, usable land efficiently and effectively. Engineered for Australian farmers, this powerful equipment is perfect for clearing fields laden with thick grass, shrubs, and various crop residues, streamlining the clearing process with its superior build and minimal maintenance requirements.

Design and Standard Features

All-Around Heavy Stalk Chopper

The Milano Mega is designed to tackle a wide range of tough vegetation, including corn, cotton, straw, potato fields, sugar cane, and woody material up to 12 cm in diameter. It’s your go-to solution for clearing fields efficiently.

Double Transmission Mulcher

Featuring a double transmission Cardano PTO shaft, this ensures seamless energy transfer from the tractor’s engine to the mulcher, making it compatible with tractors ranging from 160 HP to 280 HP.

Variety in Size and Efficiency

Available in standard 2-wheel variants with effective widths between 3.20 m to 4 m and longer 4-wheel variants with 5 m to 6.4 m of working width, tailored to your field size needs.

Maintenance Features

Implements centralized greasing and an automatic belt tensioner for low maintenance, alongside easily accessible components through its retractable rear cover.

Robust Construction

Built with high-quality steel, featuring a double rib design for enhanced structural strength and a long-lasting performance, ensuring reliability even under harsh conditions.

Safety and Durability

Equipped with front and rear chain guards to protect against hard materials encountered in the field, and a 75 HP rated gearbox protected by a steel guard to ensure longevity and safety.

Flexible and Transportable Design

Despite its robust construction, the Milano Mega has a folding chassis allowing it to be easily transported and maneuver through standard gates with a width under 3 meters when folded.

At FarmTech Machinery we know you are the kind of farmer who wants inexpensive ways of clearing your paddocks of overgrown thickets and bushes. In order to be that way, you need an efficient mulcher attachment for your tractor that’s capable of clearing a wide area of bushes and stout crop remains while taking as fewest passes as possible.

The problem is your old mulcher or slasher is slow and inefficient in the field and even leave some patches of shrubs behind. We believe that there should be a better way of mulching down your overgrown field for a clean and better land for planting.

We understand the Australian farmer’s need for high-performance mulchers. That’s why we have the OMARV Milano Mega to help you easily clear out your field in a pinch. Here’s how it works: The Mulcher processes all plant matter in its path after being mounted to a tractor, leaving behind a clean, freshly-mown field. The OMARV Milano Mega is made to be durable, low-maintenance, and equipped for any challenging duties.

Give us a call now and see how it can help you clear your field and process unwanted plant matter on your farm into beneficial mulch.

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Manufactured in Australia