MR – Moldboard Ridger – Agromaster

Set Your Rows Right Perfect Furrows and Ridging for Every Crop

Deep Soil Cultivation

Heavy-Duty Construction

Seedbed Preperation


Here are some technical details of all the available variants/models in this specific product.

Total Length (mm) 2525 1000 4270
Total Width (mm) 1600 2100 1600
Total Height (mm) 1400 1750 1400
Working Depth (mm) 2100 3800 3800
Working Width (cm) 28 28 28
Space Between Bodies (cm) 90 90 90
Moldboard Canal Width (cm) 50-70 50-70 50-70
Required Power (hp) 60-70 50-60 80-90
Total Weight (kg) 335 450 535

MR Moldboard Ridger– Agromaster

Australian farmers often face challenges when creating precise furrows for row-planted seeds. The Agromaster MR Moldboard Ridger solves this issue with ease by attaching to tractors, featuring adjustable moldboards, and ensuring precise furrow creation for crops.

MR Moldboard Ridger Overview

The Agromaster MR Moldboard Ridger represents a vital addition to the agricultural machinery arsenal, specifically tailored for farmers focusing on the precise cultivation of row-planted crops. This innovative tool is designed for seamless integration with a tractor’s hydraulic lifting unit and universal three-point linkage system, facilitating effortless transport to and across fields.

Design and Standard Features

Easy Transportation and Attachment

The Agromaster MR Moldboard Ridger can be effortlessly mounted and trailed from a tractor’s hydraulic lifting unit and universal three-point linkage system. This design simplifies transportation to and from the field, making the transition between tasks seamless and efficient.

Adjustable Furrow Opener

Positioned over an adjustable-angle chassis, the furrow opener enhances the machine’s versatility. Its adjustable nature allows for precise entry between rows at variable widths, accommodating different crop types and planting requirements.

Customizable Moldboard Settings

The machine features adjustable moldboards, enabling farmers to modify the width between ridges according to specific agricultural needs. This adaptability makes it ideal for a variety of row-planted crops, including corn, sunflower, and cotton.

Durable Construction

Built for longevity, the moldboard ridger is crafted from robust materials capable of withstanding the rigors of farm work. Its sturdy construction ensures consistent performance over time, reducing the need for frequent repairs.

Designed for Effective Ridging

The primary purpose of the Agromaster MR Moldboard Ridger is to create optimal furrows and ridges for row-planted seeds. This targeted design improves plant growth conditions by ensuring proper seed placement and soil contact.

Increases Crop Yields

By optimizing the conditions for row-planted seeds, the Agromaster MR Moldboard Ridger contributes to healthier crop growth. Enhanced soil structure and plant alignment lead to better crop development and potentially higher yields.

Enhanced Soil Management

By allowing for precise control over furrow depth and spacing, the machine plays a crucial role in soil management. Proper ridging can lead to improved water drainage, air circulation, and nutrient distribution in the soil.

At FarmTech Machinery, we understand that creating perfect furrows and ridges is crucial for farmers cultivating row-planted seeds like corn, sunflower, and cotton. Proper soil preparation is key to maximizing crop yields and ensuring healthy growth.

The challenge is efficiently preparing the land without disrupting existing crop rows. We believe that having a versatile and easily transportable tool is essential for modern farmers.

Contact us today at FarmTech Machinery to improve your crop cultivation process with the Agromaster MR Moldboard Ridger, and start enjoying higher yields and healthier plants.


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Manufactured in Australia