Tubeline Nitro RS Series

Increases spreading efficiency and reduces wastage. Inefficient spreading methods can result in uneven coverage and nutrient wastage, compromising farm profitability. The Tubeline Nitro RS Series Manure Spreader’s advanced technology optimises spreading efficiency, minimising wastage and maximising nutrient utilisation for improved farm economics.

Payload Capacity

12 tons -19 tons

Required HP

90 HP - 165+ HP

Axle Type

Single or Double-axle

Beater Configuration


Nitro RS Series – Manure Spreader– Tubeline

Boost Your Soil, Boost Your Yield

Carrying Capacity Range – 12-19

Rated for Environmental Safety

Built for Precision

Durable and Versatile


Here are some technical details of all the available variants/models in this specific product.

Carrying Capacity Range 12-19
Heaped (ft³) 294-767
Heaped (ft³) w/ Opt. Silage Extension -
Struck Level (ft³) 201-507
Struck Level (ft³) w/ Opt. Silage Extension -
Grease Banks -
Floor 3/4" Poly Board
Sides 10 Ga
Axles Horst Tandem
3 Position Axle -
Suspension Tounge -
Scales Optional Scale Ready Axle Required

Nitro RS Series Manure Spreader– Tubeline

Many Australian farmers struggle with maintaining sustainable and productive farming practices due to inefficient manure management. The NITRO Rancher Series manure spreaders cater specifically to smaller operations, offering precise metering and removable beater assemblies for dual functionality, ensuring clean yards and the delivery of rich nutrients to fields for enhanced soil health and crop yield.

Nitro RS Series Manure Spreader Overview

The NITRO Rancher Series Manure Spreader is a prime example of Tubeline’s dedication to delivering high-quality, efficient farm machinery aimed at promoting sustainable and effective agricultural practices. Tailored for smaller operations, it ensures that compact farming endeavors receive the same level of precise metering and performance as their larger counterparts.

Design and Standard Features

Tailored Design for Smaller Operations

The Nitro Rancher Series is specifically designed for smaller farming operations, ensuring that they can benefit from high-quality manure spreading without the need for oversized equipment. This series meets the unique needs of smaller farms, providing them with a perfectly sized, efficient solution for manure management.

Removable Beater Assemblies

 Offering versatile functionality, the removable beater assemblies allow the Nitro Rancher Series spreaders to double as rear discharge trailers with live floors. This dual-purpose capability enhances the value and utility of the equipment, making it a cost-effective investment for farmers.

Apron Chain Limited Lifetime Warranty

 Tubeline stands behind the quality and durability of their products with a limited lifetime warranty on the apron chain for all Nitro model manure spreaders. This commitment to quality ensures peace of mind and reduced long-term maintenance costs for the farmer.

Guillotine Endgate for Precise Metering

The innovative guillotine endgate design allows for partial opening to precisely control the amount of manure being delivered to the beater assembly, ensuring optimal spread and efficient use of manure across the field.

CV (Constant Velocity) Shaft

Equipped with a CV shaft, the Nitro Rancher Series offers a tighter turning radius and significantly reduces driveline chatter during tight turns, enhancing maneuverability and extending the lifespan of the driveline components.

Additional Standard Features for Enhanced Usability

 Standard features such as a rubber seal kit, dynamically balanced beaters, beater wedge, driveline protection, industrial jack, and high load bearings contribute to the spreader’s overall efficiency and durability, making it a smart choice for Australian farmers focused on improving soil health and crop yield.

Hydraulic-Driven Apron Chain and Robust Construction

Features like the hydraulic-driven apron chain and robust construction with galvanized slats, quick drop beaters, and replaceable reversible knives make the Nitro Rancher Series both durable and easy to maintain, ensuring reliable operation and longevity.

At FarmTech Machinery, we understand the importance of sustainable and productive farming practices. Effective manure management is crucial for maintaining soil health and ensuring the productivity of your land.

The challenge for smaller operations is finding equipment that fits their scale without compromising on quality or functionality. We believe that every farmer should have access to top-tier equipment tailored to their needs.

Contact FarmTech Machinery today to find out more about how the Nitro RS Manure Spreader can help you maintain a healthy, productive farm.

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