Tubeline Nitro Series

Ensures consistent spreading quality for optimal nutrient uptake. Inconsistent spreading patterns can lead to patchy crop growth and reduced nutrient absorption. The Tubeline Nitro Series Manure Spreader delivers uniform spreading, ensuring consistent nutrient coverage and promoting optimal nutrient uptake for healthier crops.

Payload Capacity

13 tons - 25 tons

Required HP

125 HP - 200+ HP

Axle Type

Single or Tandem Axle

Beater Configuration


Nitro Series – Manure Spreader– Tubeline

Boost Your Soil, Boost Your Yield

Carrying Capacity Range – 13-25

Rated for Environmental Safety

Built for Precision

Durable and Versatile


Here are some technical details of all the available variants/models in this specific product.

Carrying Capacity Range 13-25
Heaped (ft³) 481-1,028
Heaped (ft³) w/ Opt. Silage Extension 1,038-1,252
Struck Level (ft³) 290-695
Struck Level (ft³) w/ Opt. Silage Extension 770-918
Grease Banks Yes
Floor 1" Poly Board
Sides 3/4" Poly Board
Axles Single or Tandem
3 Position Axle Yes(Adj.)
Suspension Tounge Available Option
Scales Scale Ready

Nitro Series Manure Spreader – Tubeline


Many Australian farmers struggle with efficiently spreading manure over large areas without compromising on the quality or consistency of spread. The Nitro Manure Spreader by Tubeline addresses this issue with its commercial-grade features including slip slide poly board floors, a guillotine endgate for controlled spreading, and a reversible apron chain, ensuring even distribution of various manure consistencies and enhancing soil fertility.

Nitro Series Manure Spreader Overview

The Nitro Manure Spreader series by Tubeline stands as a testament to robust engineering and is specifically designed to meet the high demands of commercial use. Beginning with models 450, 600, and 750, and expanding to include the 950 model, these spreaders are built with features that ensure efficiency, durability, and ease of use in commercial applications.

Design and Standard Features

Slip Slide Poly Board Floors and Walls

 These components ensure durability and ease of manure flow, reducing the likelihood of material sticking and buildup. This feature not only extends the life of the spreader but also improves the efficiency of manure spreading operations.

Guillotine Endgate

This innovative endgate provides precise control over the amount of material being spread. By adjusting the opening, operators can meter the flow to the beaters, ensuring consistent spreading, whether dealing with dry or semi-solid manures.

Reversible Apron Chain

 Offering enhanced reliability and a longer service life, the reversible apron chain ensures even and controlled delivery of material from the spreader to the field. This feature is essential for achieving uniform spread patterns and optimal soil coverage.

CV (Constant Velocity) Shaft

 Equipped with a CV shaft, the Nitro allows for a tighter turning radius, significantly reducing driveline chatter during tight turns and enhancing the overall longevity of the driveline components.

Apron Chain Limited Lifetime Warranty

 Tubeline stands behind the durability and reliability of their apron chain with a limited lifetime warranty, providing peace of mind and reducing the long-term cost of ownership for farmers.

Additional Standard Features for Enhanced Usability

The Nitro comes equipped with numerous standard features such as a hydraulic-driven apron chain, standard rubber seal kit for additional protection against leakage, robust and dynamically balanced beaters, and central grease banks for easier maintenance. These features combine to provide a high-performance, low-maintenance solution for commercial manure spreading needs.

Quick Drop Beaters

Designed for efficient spreading and easy maintenance, the quick drop beaters allow for rapid disassembly and cleaning. This feature ensures that the spreader maintains optimal performance and can handle various manure consistencies effectively.

At FarmTech Machinery, we understand that efficient and effective manure management is crucial for commercial farming success. Proper spreading equipment is essential for enhancing soil fertility and maintaining the cleanliness and health of your farm.

The challenge lies in finding a manure spreader that can handle diverse farm waste products, from pen packs to semi-solids, with reliability and precision. We believe in providing durable, commercial-grade equipment that can meet the demands of modern agriculture.

Contact FarmTech Machinery today to upgrade to the Nitro  Series Manure Spreader and take the first step towards more efficient and productive manure management.


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Manufactured in Australia