OKO- TURBO Air Seeder – TechnikPlus

Converts any tillage machine into a one-pass tiller and seeder combo!

Accurate Dispersion

Wide Area Coverage

Electric Powered Seeder

OKO- TURBO Air Seeder – TechnikPlus​

The practice of tilling the soil and then seeding in two separate passes are becoming more uneconomical.

 Aussie farmers are looking for equipment that is able to convert any tillage machine into a seeder and turn to the OKO-Turbo Universal Seeder for help!

This machine is perfect for smaller seeding operations fitting all tillage machines under 3.5m on your farm. If you are looking for an air seeder that can seed a bit wider up to 6m check out the Turbojet SPR Air seeder.

OKO- TURBO Air Seeder Overview

The OKO-Turbo Air Seeder – TechnicPlus is a highly efficient and versatile piece of equipment that can be mounted onto any tillage machine to transform it into a one-pass paddock renovator. With a maximum working width of 3.5m, the air seeder can plant a wide variety of grasses, oats, cover crops, and cash crops with ease.

One of the standout features of this air seeder is its UV-resistant 130L hopper and stainless steel body, which ensures maximum durability and longevity. Additionally, the in-cab controller provides operators with complete control over the seeding operation, allowing for accurate seed placement and consistent application rates.

Design and Standard Features

Transforms any tillage machine to a seeder combo

The Oko-Turbo Air Seeder – TechnicPlus is a game-changing piece of agricultural equipment that allows farmers to easily transform any tillage machine into a high-quality seeder combo. By easily mounting above any tillage machine, the Oko-Turbo enables farmers to till and seed in a single pass, saving valuable time and reducing diesel usage. In turn, this results in better profits for your farm.

12v Electric Air Seeder

The 12v Electric Air Seeder is a powerful and efficient machine that is designed to simplify the seeding process. This air seeder runs both the fan and the seed roller on a 12v electric system, making it easy to operate and control.

UV resistant Hopper

Looking for a reliable and durable hopper that can handle years of use in harsh weather conditions? Look no further than the Oko-Turbo Air Seeder. The yellow 130L hopper is made of UV-resistant materials, ensuring that it will withstand the damaging effects of the sun’s rays while in use, please still store it under cover.

Adjustable Seed Rollers

Adjustable seed rollers are an essential component of the Oko-Turbo Air Seeder, which allows farmers to plant a wide variety of grasses, oats, cash, and cover crops with ease. These rollers are designed with precision to ensure consistent and accurate seed placement during the seeding operation while also maintaining the seed rows’ desired width and spacing. the seed rollers can be changed quickly when switching from one species to another.

Stainless steel body

Stainless steel is a highly durable, corrosion resistant and long-lasting material that has been used in a wide range of applications, including the production of the Oko-turbo air seeder. The body of the air seeder is constructed using high-quality stainless steel, which offers superior resistance to corrosion and wear.

Hoses and deflectors included

The Oko-Turbo Air Seeder – TechnicPlus comes equipped with a 30mm seed hose and stainless steel deflectors. These components are essential to achieving accurate and consistent seed placement, which is crucial for maximizing yields and ensuring efficient use of seed.

Working Width up to 3.5m

One of the key advantages of the Technicplus air seeder is its ability to match the width of your tillage equipment, making it easy to achieve consistent seed placement across your entire field.

In Cab Controller

In Cab Controller is one of the key features of the Oko-Turbo Air Seeder – TechnicPlus, which allows farmers to easily turn off the seed in the headlands or adjust the seeding rate without having to stop their tractor and get out. This feature is particularly important for farmers who want to save time and maximize their productivity during the seeding operation.

At FarmTech Machinery we know you are the kind of farmer who wants to remove cost when seeding. In order to be that way, you need a seeder that’s relieving soil compaction and sows in a single pass saving fuel and labor.

The problem is that your equipment is not as efficient as it should be, making you feel that you may be wasting money on your current sowing system. We believe that if you could combine your tilling and sowing into a single pass you would greatly reduce your operating costs.

We understand that not having the perfect equipment for your seeding needs can hurt your farming season. That’s why we highly recommend the OKO-Turbo Universal Seeder. This machine is ideal for smaller seeding operations fitting all tillage machines under 3.5m on your farm. It’s like having an army of people working the land while you profit.

So if you’re looking for a seeder so you can stop worrying about your next seeding season, OKO-Turbo Universal Seeder is the perfect choice for you! It can be used in any environment, no matter what kind of terrain or climate you’re working in. It delivers a uniform distribution of seeds at high speeds and low costs.

If you are still using hand-held seeders for your seeding operations and wished for a better alternative, the OKO-TURBO is what you need.

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Manufactured in Australia