PPP04 – Pneumatic Precision Planter – Irtem

Better yields with Precise Plant Spacing

Highly Accurate Planter

Uniform Width and Spacing

Highly Efficient


Here are some technical details of all the available variants/models in this specific product.

ROW 4 row 6 row
WIDTH 2980mm 3880mm
HEIGHT 1730mm 2710mm
LENGTH 2230mm 2230mm
SEED TANK 4 x 32 L 6 x 32 L
FERT TANK 480 L 720 L
ROW DISTANCE 700mm 700mm
OPERATING SPEED 5-7km/h 5-7km/h
POWER 80-100HP 100-120HP
WEIGHT 1180kg 1475kg

PPP04 Pneumatic Precision Planter - Irtem

Australian Farmers often struggle with poor crop yield because of erratic on-row plant spacing.

The Pneumatic Precision Planter by Irtem achieves higher yields by controlling row as well as on-row plant spacing ensuring every plant gets the nutrients they need.

PPP Pneumatic Precision Planter overview

A pneumatic precision planter is a modern agricultural tool that helps farmers accurately and efficiently plant their crops. It uses pressurized air to precisely place seed and fertilizer into the ground, ensuring an even distribution of both across the field. This type of planter also has a number of additional features, such as adjustable rate settings for seed and fertiliser release, which enable farmers to control the amount dispensed.

Design and Standard Features

Accurate seed spacing

Accurate seed spacing is an essential part of successful crop production. The pneumatic precision planter offers a solution to this problem by using air pressure to precisely place each seed in the desired position. This method ensures even distribution of the seeds in the field, leading to better germination and improved yields. With adjustable settings, farmers are able to adapt the planter to various soil types and crops.

Disc Opener

Disc openers are an essential component of any precision planter. They are responsible for creating a narrow, precise path through the soil for seeds to be planted in. Disc openers feature adjustable disc-depth settings, allowing farmers to create furrows that are ideal for their specific crop. This is important as it allows them place seeds at the right depth every time.

Double Press Wheels

Double press wheels are an essential component of a precision planter system. They provide two key functions: first, they help to break up the soil and create a finer texture for better seed germination; second, they help to press the seeds into the ground at their correct depth. Press wheels come in various widths and depths, allowing farmers to choose the best size for their specific crops. Additionally, some models feature adjustable speeds which allow farmers to adjust the pressure applied on each wheel depending on their planting conditions. By providing accurate seeding depth and ensuring proper seed-to-soil contact, double press wheels can significantly reduce labor costs and improve yields for any precision planter operation.

Seed and Fertilizer boxes

Seed and fertilizer boxes are an essential component of any precision planter system. By providing a precise delivery of seed and fertilizer to the planting area, these boxes ensure accurate placement and proper nutrient levels for optimal crop growth. The boxes come in various sizes and capacities, allowing farmers to select the best option for their specific crops. Additionally, some models feature adjustable rate settings which allow farmers to control the amount of seed or fertilizer released from each box.

At FarmTech Machinery, we know you are the kind of farmer who wants to make the most out of every seed for optimal growth. To be that way, you need a reliable farming implement allowing consistent and precise direct seed planting.

The problem is that most drills offer less seed-planting precision, which makes it more time and effort-consuming than it needs to be. We believe Australian farmers should have efficient farming machinery that provides dependable farming capabilities.

We understand that Australian farmers seek highly efficient farming methods. We are bringing you the Pneumatic Precision Planter by Irtem to produce your desired results. Here’s how it works: Its adjustable seed and optional fertilizer slot hold the components in place. Then, it sows the soil with seeds at precise intervals.

So get in touch with our agents now so you can stop worrying about inaccurate seed planting and start seeding at precise intervals across your field.

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Manufactured in Australia