RCW Helix – Lime Spreader – Unia

Efficiency in Every Grain for Perfect Spreading and Optimal Growth

High Capacity Hopper

Heavy-Duty Construction

Accurate Dispersion


Here are some technical details of all the available variants/models in this specific product.

Hopper Capacity (dm³) 15000
Working Width (m) 12
Power Demand (hp) >200
Net Weight (kg) 7,100
Standard Wires 600/55-22.5

RCW Helix Lime Spreader- Unia

Many Australian farmers face challenges in precisely spreading dusty lime and fertilizers. FarmTech’s RCW Helix Lime Spreader is the ideal solution for large farms and agricultural service providers seeking cost-effective and convenient spreading.

RCW Helix Lime Spreader Overview

The RCW Helix Lime Spreader from FarmTech is an innovative solution designed for the efficient and precise application of dusty lime and fertilizers. It caters especially to large-scale farms and agricultural service providers who require an effective method for spreading powdered lime, known for its high reactivity and quick assimilation into the soil.

Design and Standard Features

High-Capacity Hopper

The spreader comes with a large-capacity hopper available in 13,000 or 16,000 liters, ensuring you can carry substantial amounts of lime or fertilizer for efficient spreading over large areas. The hopper is equipped with a hydraulically folded tarpaulin cover, enhancing convenience and preventing material loss during transportation.

HELIX Beam Technology

The RCW is equipped with a HELIX beam for uniform and precise spreading of dusty lime and fertilizers, designed to meet the challenges of spreading fine, dusty materials and to prevent them from being blown away by the wind.

Advanced Loading and Conveyance Systems

Features connections for pneumatic loading directly from a tank car, which streamlines the loading process. A belt conveyor with hydraulic drive ensures smooth and continuous flow of material from the hopper to the spreading mechanism.

Precise Control and Operation

Equipped with a multifunction control system and the SUPERIOR computer, enabling precise application rates and patterns, customizable to specific farm requirements. Hydraulic tailgates for left and right side ensure targeted spreading.

Stainless Steel Spinner Discs

Durable spinner discs made of stainless steel for spreading lime and fertilizer, ensuring long-lasting performance and resistance to corrosion. The mechanical drive of the spinner discs allows for consistent spread patterns and effective coverage.

Safety and Convenience Features

Includes a 1-line air brake system for enhanced safety, lighting installation for better visibility, and mechanical drawbar support for easier connection. Additional accessories like hydraulic brake system, 2-line air brake system, and border spreading device provide further customization and efficiency.

Robust and Comfortable Chassis Design

The tandem chassis system with spring suspension provides stability and comfort during transport and operation. Additionally, wheels are designed to handle rugged farm terrain while ensuring minimal soil compaction.

At FarmTech Machinery, we recognize the increasing demand for precise and efficient spreading of materials like dusty lime and fertilizers, vital for enhancing soil health and crop growth. The challenge lies in applying these materials effectively, especially in windy conditions where loss and uneven distribution can occur.

We believe in providing solutions that cater to the needs of modern, large-scale farming operations and service providers. That’s why we’ve introduced the RCW Helix Lime Spreader, designed specifically for the challenges associated with spreading dusty lime and fertilizers.

Contact FarmTech Machinery today to discover how the RCW Helix Lime Spreader can enhance your farming operations and contribute to better soil health and increased productivity.

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Manufactured in Australia