T-DCBM – Rotary Disk Mower – Minos Agri

Mow Silage and Hay with Low Horsepower Requirements.

Pasture maintenance

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Here are some technical details of all the available variants/models in this specific product.

Working Width 1650mm 2000mm 2400mm
Transport Length 1260mm 1260mm 1260mm
Total Length 2390mm 2780mm 3150mm
No. of Blades 4 5 6
Working Speed 5-6 km/h 5-6 km/h 5-6 km/h
Machine Weight 465kg 490kg 520kg
Required Power 45HP 55HP 60HP

T-DCBM Rotary Disk Mower- Minos Agri

Many Australian Farmers struggle with efficiently harvesting grass and oats for silage or hay, especially on uneven ground and with machines that have high power requirements. The T-DCBM Rotary Disc Mower by Minos, offered by FarmTech Machinery, provides a solution with its low power consumption and reliable hydraulic suspension, ensuring efficient and even cutting on various terrains without excessive fuel use.

T-DCBM Rotary Disk Mower Overview

The T-DCBM Rotary Disk Mower from Minos Agri is a robust, efficient solution designed specifically to address the challenges Australian farmers face during the silage and hay mowing process. It is particularly suited for mowing grass and oats across varying terrains, including both flat and uneven grounds.

Design and Standard Features

Dependable Cutterbar

Features a high oil capacity for low working temperatures and a safety mechanism that moves the bar backward in case of collision, reducing damage.

Round Discs with Cutting Blades

Utilizes round cutting discs equipped with three blades each, designed to withstand stone impacts and provide efficient cutting.

Reliable Hydraulic Suspension

Allows for precise control and efficient cutting on both even and uneven grounds, ensuring uniform fodder size.

Versatile and Maneuverable Design

Ideal for mowing pastures, meadows, and wild plants for fodder on various terrains.

Superior Efficiency with Lower Power Consumption

Boasts low power requirements for different models (T-DCBM 4, 5, and 6), promoting energy efficiency and fuel saving.

Adjustable Hydraulic Suspension

Enables precise positioning of the cutting bar for efficient grass cutting on slopes and uneven grounds.

Fully Welded Cutterbar

Offers a robust and rigid design with built-in rock protection to expel stones and avoid jams, enhancing durability.

At FarmTech Machinery, we understand the importance of efficient and cost-effective grass mowing for Australian farmers preparing for silage or hay baling. You need a mower that tackles all terrains while conserving fuel.

The obstacle often lies in finding a mower adaptable to varied terrains without the risk of damage or high fuel consumption. Traditional mowers fall short, especially when encountering hard objects or uneven ground, leading to costly repairs and inefficient fuel use. We believe in a mower that offers both durability and efficiency.

Reach out today to transition to a more efficient, versatile, and fuel-saving mowing solution with the T-DCBM Rotary Disc Mower, and ensure your land is perfectly prepared for planting or baling.

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Manufactured in Australia