Tanco S100

Ensures consistent bale wrapping quality for superior forage protection. Inconsistent wrapping can lead to moisture ingress and mould growth, compromising forage quality. The Tanco S100 Single Bale Wrapper delivers uniform wrapping, protecting forage from spoilage and ensuring high-quality feed for livestock.

Cycle Time

Up to 40 bales/hour

Bale Compatibility

Round Bales Only

Operation Type


Wrap Configuration

Single Wrap

S100 Bale Wrapper | TANCO

For farmers wrapping 200 – 1000 round bales a year

Silage Season Essentials

Reliabiliy and Durability Guaranteed


S100 Bale Wrapper- Tanco

Many Australian farmers struggle finding a wrapper that is designed for one man operation and capable of wrapping and stacking and capable of wrapping upto 40 bales an hour.

The Tanco S100 Bale Wrapper has all that and more! It’s DuoWrap technology wraps bales tightly and consistently.

S100 Bale Wrapper Overview

The S100 Bale Wrapper is the entry-level Round bale wrapper designed for farmers who prioritize efficiency and productivity in their operations. The S100 is known for its ability to wrap up to 40 silage bales an hour with a single operator, making it an ideal choice for farmers who are looking to save time and maximize their output.

As a round bale wrapper, the S100 is equipped with versatile wrapping capabilities that can handle different bale sizes and weights. It ensures consistent wrapping operation with multiple film and stretch options that guarantee maximum coverage of each bale. This reliable and ultra-durable machine is perfect for farmers who want to make sure that their bales are well-wrapped maximizing their nutritional value.

Design and Standard Features

Single Satellite Dispenser

This ensures consistent wrapping results, reducing maintenance requirements and increasing productivity, making the S100 a top choice for those aiming to produce high-quality silage bales efficiently.

Patented Pre-Stretch System

Allows for significant film savings while ensuring the protection and quality of the wrapped bales, providing a cost-effective solution for bale wrapping.

3-Point Linkage Wrapper

Offers versatility and ease of use with mounting options suitable for low-horsepower tractors, making it ideal for smaller farming operations.

Wrap & Stack Operations

Allows for the complete bale-handling process to be done in a single operation, reducing handling, minimizing bale damage, and saving labor.

Telescopic Cut and Start

A hydraulic system that ensures efficient and consistent wrapping operations, reducing the need for manual labor and enhancing productivity.

Efficiency and Productivity

Designed for farmers wrapping 200 – 1000 round bales a year, capable of wrapping up to 40 silage bales an hour with a single operator, which is ideal for maximizing output and saving time.

RDS Expert PLUS Controller

Automates all functions of the wrapping operation, providing live function operations and essential information for easy monitoring and adjustments.

At FarmTech Machinery, we recognize that being known for raising the most productive and healthiest livestock means having the best equipment for every aspect of your farming operations, including bale wrapping. The challenge many Australian farmers face is finding a bale wrapper designed for efficient, one-person operation that can handle between 200 to 1000 round bales a year and manage up to 40 bales an hour. That’s where the Tanco S100 Bale Wrapper comes in.

This entry-level wrapper is built for efficiency and productivity. Its DuoWrap technology ensures every bale is wrapped tightly and consistently. Designed to handle various bale sizes and weights, the S100 guarantees thorough coverage with its versatile wrapping capabilities, featuring multiple film and stretch options.

We believe that investing in the right tools, like the Tanco S100 Bale Wrapper, is essential for maximizing the productivity and health of your livestock through efficient feed preservation. Don’t let compaction or nutrient loss affect your farm’s output. Contact us at FarmTech Machinery today to discuss how the S100 can enhance your operations and help you produce high-quality feed more efficiently.

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Manufactured in Australia