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S200 Bale Wrapper | TANCO

Many Australian farmers struggle finding a wrapper that is designed for one man operation and capable of wrapping and stacking and capable of wrapping upto 60 bales an hour.

The Tanco S200 Bale Wrapper has all that and more! It’s DuoWrap technology wraps bales tightly and consistently.

S200 Bale Wrapper Overview

The Tanco S200 Bale Wrapper is engineered to meet the needs of Australian farmers wrapping 1000 to 2000 round bales yearly. Recognized for its efficiency and productivity, this machine is particularly suited for one-man operations and is capable of wrapping up to 60 bales per hour. Its DuoWrap technology ensures that bales are wrapped tightly and consistently, providing an optimal solution for farmers looking to streamline their bale wrapping processes.

Design and Standard Features

Twin Satellite Dispensers

The S200 features twin satellite dispensers with variable speed functionality, enhancing the wrapping process for efficiency and consistency, crucial for operations requiring high-quality silage bales.

Patented Pre-stretch System

Tanco’s patented system ensures cost-effective wrapping by using less film per bale, tightly securing the silage and maintaining its quality, resulting in significant savings and better protection of your harvest.

Film Break Sensor

Equipped with a sensor that halts the machine if the film breaks or runs out, ensuring a continuous and efficient wrapping operation, reducing waste and protecting the integrity of the bales.

Telescopic Cut and Start

Features a hydraulic telescopic cut and start system that automates the film engagement and cutting process, saving time and reducing manual labor, while ensuring consistent bale wrapping in all weather conditions.

Versatile Mounting Options

The S200 Bale Wrapper is adaptable for use with various machinery, including front-end loaders and telehandlers, thanks to its compatibility with front or rear linkage, making it suitable for operations of all sizes.

RDS Expert PLUS Controller

A state-of-the-art controller that automates all functions of the wrapping operation, providing real-time information and allowing for manual adjustments to be made quickly and efficiently, enhancing the operator’s control over the wrapping process.

Wrap & Stack Functionality

This feature simplifies the bale handling process by enabling bales to be picked, wrapped, and stacked efficiently by a single operator, reducing labor and handling damage.

At FarmTech Machinery, we recognize the unique challenges faced by Australian farmers, especially when it comes to efficient bale wrapping. The S200 Bale Wrapper by TANCO is here to address these needs, offering unparalleled efficiency for farmers wrapping between 1000 to 2000 round bales annually. Designed for one-man operation, it boasts the capability to wrap up to 60 bales per hour with DuoWrap technology for tight and consistent wrapping.

The S200 is not just a round bale wrapper; it’s a productivity powerhouse with versatile wrapping capabilities to handle different bale sizes and weights. Featuring an incremental speed adjustment, remote control, and control box, it provides a user-friendly experience ensuring every bale is wrapped to perfection, preserving its nutritional value.

The S200 isn’t just a tool; it’s an investment in efficiency and quality, ensuring your bales are well-protected and your livestock well-fed. Don’t let bale wrapping be a bottleneck in your productivity. Contact FarmTech Machinery today to learn more about the S200 Bale Wrapper and how it can transform your bale wrapping process, saving you time and money while enhancing your farming operation’s overall efficiency.

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