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S300 Bale Wrapper- Tanco

Many Australian farmers struggle with wrapping bales that can be time consuming and expensive when done without the right equipment. The number one reason why we recommend the Tanco S300 Bale Wrapper is it offers superior performance wrapping up to 80 bales per hour while staying competitively priced.

S300 Bale Wrapper Overview

The Tanco S300 Bale Wrapper stands out in the market for its capability to meet the high demands of Australian farmers during the silage season. Engineered to provide superior performance, the S300 wraps up to 80 bales per hour, offering a blend of efficiency, speed, and quality at a competitive price.

Design and Standard Features

Full Automation with RDS Expert Controller

This advanced feature allows one-touch operation for the entire wrapping process, making it simple and efficient for a single user to operate. The RDS expert controller ensures precise control and monitoring, significantly reducing manual labor and time.

Advanced VariWrap Hydraulic System

The S300 features an advanced hydraulic system that provides smoother operation and more consistent wrapping, which is critical during peak bale production periods.

Telescopic Cut & Start

A feature designed to automate and simplify the process of attaching and cutting the film. It reduces manual intervention, ensuring quicker and more efficient wrapping cycles.

Individually-Driven Pick-Up Rollers and Ground Rollers

These enhance the wrapper’s ability to handle different terrains and conditions, ensuring stable and consistent bale pickup and transfer to the wrapping platform.

Tanco Dual Stretch Aluminum Dispenser

Equipped with 55% and 70% pre-stretch options, this feature ensures optimal film usage and secure, tight wraps for each bale, providing better protection and preservation of the contents.

High Productivity

Capable of wrapping up to 80 bales per hour, the S300 is designed for high-demand periods, ensuring that farmers can meet their silage season demands efficiently and effectively.

Film Break Sensors

The inclusion of sensors to detect film breakage helps to minimize downtime and waste, ensuring that each bale is wrapped securely without interruptions.

At FarmTech Machinery, we understand the challenges faced by Australian farmers, especially when it comes to efficiently wrapping bales during the silage season. Wrapping bales is crucial but can be time-consuming and costly without the right equipment. That’s where the Tanco S300 Bale Wrapper steps in. Designed for high performance, it can wrap up to 80 bales per hour, ensuring you keep up with the demand while staying cost-effective.


Featuring full automation and one-touch wrapping with the RDS expert controller, advanced Variwrap hydraulic system, telescopic cut & start, and Tanco dual stretch aluminum dispenser with built-in 55% & 70% stretch options, this machine is built for efficiency. It also includes individually-driven pick-up and ground rollers, plus film break sensors for a smooth operation.

Contact FarmTech Machinery today to discuss how the Tanco S300 Bale Wrapper can transform your farming operations and help you maximize your profits this silage season.

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