Spiromix – Cement Mixer – Teagle

Consistent On-the-Go Cement Mixing for fencing

Excellent Output

Heavy-Duty Constructions

Effortless Loading and Unloading


Here are some technical details of all the available variants/models in this specific product.

MODEL 100H 200H
Drum Volume 280L (10cu.ft.) 560L (20cu.ft.)
Approx. min Volume 140L (5cu.ft.) 280L (10cu.ft)
Loading Height 35cm (14in) 48cm (19in)
Weight Empty 118kg (262lbs) 190kg (420lbs)
Approx. Laden Weight 430kg (950lbs) 815kg (1790lbs.)
Mounting Cat 1/2 Linkage Cat 2 Linkage
Min. Tractor Size 15kw (20hp) 40kw (50hp)

Spiromix Cement Mixer – Teagle

Many Australian Farmers struggle with mixing cement on-the-go for tasks like fencing, which can be time-consuming and labor-intensive. The Teagle Spiromix Cement Mixer, offered by FarmTech Machinery, simplifies this process by attaching directly to a tractor, providing effortless and consistent cement mixing for various construction needs in the field.

Spiromix Cement Mixer Overview

The task of mixing cement is notably demanding and messy, particularly within the confines of fieldwork. Teagle’s Spiromix Cement Mixer revolutionizes this process, offering a seamless, less labor-intensive approach to cement mixing, ideal for construction projects like fencing.

Design and Standard Features

Effortless Loading and Unloading

The mixer features a large 32” wide opening, making it easy to load materials and a hydraulic drive that allows for easy unloading directly from the tractor seat without needing to tip the drum.

Efficient Mixing, Consistent Results

With deep spirals inside the mixer, the Spiromix ensures rapid and thorough mixing, providing consistent cement quality every time, eliminating the need for manual stirring.

Adjustable Discharge Height

Utilizing the tractor’s adjustable three-point linkage, the discharge height of the mixed cement can be easily managed, facilitating various construction needs without extra effort.

Hydraulic Drive for Easy Operation

The mixer is powered by a hydraulic drive motor, which can be controlled from the tractor’s seat using an external service spool valve, making the mixing process seamless and straightforward.

Model Variations for Different Needs

Available in two models, the 100H and 200H, to hold different amounts of cement and aggregate, making it versatile for various project sizes.

Economic and Time-Saving

By facilitating faster and more efficient mixing processes, the Spiromix Cement Mixer helps save time and reduces labor costs, making it an excellent investment for farmers and contractors alike.

Compact and Lightweight Design

The Spiromix is designed to be lightweight and compact, offering the efficiency of a commercial cement mixer while being easy to transport and store, saving space and resources.

FarmTech Machinery knows that your needs go beyond the typical farming equipment. Having a cement mixer available whenever needed makes dealing with other farming projects faster and more efficient. It also helps you save time and money, two important resources for growing businesses.

The thing is, most cement mixers tend to be either bulky or expensive, which may lead to wasted investment. Not to mention occupying limited storage space that could be used for other things, like much-needed equipment or harvest. 

Being sensitive to your needs, we believe that it’s important that you can have access to specialized equipment that won’t cost that much investment in capital and space.

This is the main reason why we’ve sourced the Teagle Spiromix Cement Mixer for you! After rigorously testing and reviewing this offering from Teagle, we’re confident that this cement mixer will definitely fit your needs. It offers easy loading and unloading of materials and a dual-acting spool that mixes them perfectly, all packed in a lightweight, 10-foot package. Take less time mixing and get more tasks done. Win-win!

What are you waiting for? Contact our team today to see how we can help improve your business.

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