Break up hard, compacted soil and seamlessly integrate plant material. Crop residues left on the soil surface can harbour pests and diseases, impacting the health and productivity of subsequent crops. Moreni Steel boasts powerful blades and rotors designed to penetrate compacted soil, creating a loose, even seedbed ready for sowing.

Working Width

6.0 M - 8.0 M

Operation Type


Required HP

200-500 HP

Blade Length

33 cm

Steel - Power Harrow - Moreni

Creating optimal seedbed conditions for successful planting and seeding operations

Steel Working Width/ HP
5.0m / 200-500 hp
6.0m / 200-500 hp
7.0m / 250-500hp
8.0m / 280-500 hp

Seedbed Preparation

Reliable and Robust Design

Highly Versatile and Adaptable


Here are some technical details of all the available variants/models in this specific product.

5 6 7 8
Total Width (m) 5.150 6.105 6.916 8.255
Number of Rotors (pcs) 22 26 30 36
PTO Speed 750 /346 - 1000/462 (single speed)
Blade sizes (mm) 330
Power Required (hp) 200 - 500 200 - 500 250 - 500 280 - 500

Steel - Power Harrow - Moreni

Australian farmers often face the challenge of cultivating hard, compacted soil when preparing fields or paddocks for planting or seeding. The Steel Power Harrow by Moreni addresses this issue by offering powerful blades and rotors designed to penetrate compacted soil, creating a loose, even seedbed ready for sowing.

Steel - Power Harrow - Moreni Overview

Introducing the Moreni Steel Power Harrow, a robust solution for efficient seedbed preparation. With powerful blades and adaptable rotors, it effortlessly breaks through hard soil, ensuring an even seedbed ready for planting. Its reinforced chassis and shock-absorbent design guarantee durability and adaptability to varied terrain. Equipped with a high-capacity gearbox and adjustable settings, it offers unmatched power and versatility for superior crop yields.

Design and Standard Features

Reliable and Robust Machinery

Experience unmatched durability with the Steel Power Harrow by Moreni, featuring a reinforced chassis comprising two stacked 6mm plates. This robust construction ensures superior protection and longevity, even under the most demanding field conditions.

Shock Absorbent Rear Leveling Bar

Maintain consistent seedbed preparation across uneven terrain with the harrow’s shock absorbent rear leveling bar. Designed to adjust seamlessly to field contours, this feature ensures optimal seedbed depth for uniform crop establishment.

Multiple Rotors Setting Options

Tailor the harrow to suit your specific soil conditions with a range of rotor setting options. Choose from standard steel rotors for general field cultivation, Steed 3D rotors for deeper harrowing on tough soil, or stone-protected Steel K rotors to prevent damage from solid materials.

Adjustable Rotor and Roller Settings

Achieve precise seedbed preparation with the harrow’s adjustable rotor and roller settings. Fine-tune the depth and aggressiveness of cultivation to meet your specific requirements, whether preparing vegetable beds, cover crops, or vineyard rows.

Up to 500HP Gearbox

Power through the toughest soil conditions with the Steel Power Harrow’s high-capacity gearbox, capable of handling tractors with up to 500 horsepower. This robust gearbox ensures smooth and efficient power transmission, maximizing productivity in the field.

External Integrated Oil Cooler

Keep the gearbox operating at optimal temperatures with the external integrated oil cooler. This innovative feature prevents overheating during prolonged use, extending the lifespan of the machinery and ensuring consistent performance in the field.

Convenient Hydraulic Roller Adjustment

Simplify operation and enhance efficiency with the harrow’s hydraulic roller adjustment system, complete with a graduated scale for precise control. This convenient feature allows for quick and easy customization of roller settings, ensuring optimal seedbed preparation with minimal effort.

At FarmTech Machinery, we know you are the kind of farmer who wants to cultivate the right soil conditions in preparation for planting or seeding. To be that way, you need a heavy-duty harrow that allows you to prepare your seedbeds efficiently.

The problem is that large-scale seedbed preparation often needs a piece of reliable heavy-duty machinery that is hard to come by. We believe you should have a powerful harrow that fulfils your vision for your paddocks.

We understand that Australian farmers need a dependable and high-performing harrow. That’s why we are bringing you the Steel Power Harrow by Moreni for all sizable seedbed preparations for your paddocks. Thanks to its reliable and robust features, you can be sure that effective seedbed preparation can be easily achieved along with its adjustable rotor and roller settings.

So get in touch with Farmtech today, so you can stop worrying about sourcing reliable and durable farming machinery and start managing your entire paddocks with our top-of-the-line equipment to get them ready for your perfect seedbed operations. 

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