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For Faster Windrowing in preparation for bailing

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Here are some technical details of all the available variants/models in this specific product.

Working Width 6550mm
Transport Width 3000mm
Number of Wheels 8
Number of Rotors 2
Diameter of Rotors 2900mm
Required Power 70hp-80hp
Machine Weight 985Kg

T-COT Twin-Rotor Rake – Minos

Many Australian farmers struggle with time-consuming and resource-intensive fodder raking for baling. The T-COT Twin-Rotor Rake offers fast and efficient raking while preserving ground and roots for quicker regrowth, making it an ideal choice for modern farming.

T-COT Twin-Rotor Rake Overview

For Australian farmers, the transition from curing feed plants to baling is pivotal. Efficiency during this phase is crucial to maximizing time and resources. The T-COT Twin-Rotor Rake by Minos is engineered to streamline this process, offering a solution that is both fast and energy-efficient, ensuring that fodder is prepared for baling with minimal effort while preserving the integrity of the ground for faster regrowth.

Design and Standard Features

Carefully Calibrated Spring Tines

Designed to gently rake harvested grass and oats, leaving a clean windrow free of rocks or sticks, ensuring the quality of the fodder for baling.

Energy-Efficient Setup

Featuring a light yet durable frame, this twin-rotor rake operates with minimal energy requirements, saving you both time and fuel.

Hydraulic Folding System

The rake folds to a width below 3 meters for safe and easy road transport, making the transition from field to field as effortless as possible.

Ground Preservation

The design of the spring tines and the twin rotors ensure that the ground and roots remain intact, promoting faster regrowth and protecting the soil integrity.

Twin-Rotor Design

Provides efficient and fast windrowing, speeding up the preparation process for baling and ensuring a uniform collection of fodder.

Robust Construction

Built to withstand the rigors of farm use, its robust construction ensures longevity and reliability, offering peace of mind and reducing maintenance costs.

Ease of Use and Versatility

The T-COT Twin-Rotor Rake is easy to operate and adjusts to different field conditions, making it suitable for various types of fodder and farm sizes.

At FarmTech Machinery, we recognize your goal to be effective and resource-efficient in post-harvest tasks, specifically raking, to prepare for baling. The right equipment is vital for quickly and efficiently collecting cut fodder.

The challenge often faced is that traditional rotor rakes can be cumbersome and fuel-intensive, which can leave you feeling both physically and financially drained. We believe that Australian farmers deserve better—specifically, a rotor rake that is efficient, easy to handle, and kind to the field.

Don’t settle for less. Reach out to us today to upgrade your raking process with the T-COT Twin-Rotor Rake and transition from time-consuming and damaging practices to a fast, efficient, and soil-friendly baling preparation.

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Manufactured in Australia