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Loosen and Mix soil for flat and even seedbed finish

Deep Compaction Relief

Heavy-Duty Build

Seedbed Preparation


Here are some technical details of all the available variants/models in this specific product.

MODEL T-DRAM 201S-480 T-DRAM 2001-480 T-DRAM 251S-480 T-DRAM 2501-480 T-DRAM 301S-480 T-DRAM 3001-480 T-DRAM 4001-480
Machine Code (Order No.) 21202305 21202301 21202403 21202404 21202515 21202519 21202618
Working Width (m) 1990 2480 2970 3950
Working Depth (mm) 280 280 280 280
Overall Width (mm) 2210 2700 3192 4172
Overall Length (mm) 1527 1527 1527 1527
Overall Height (mm) 1220 1285 1220 1285 1220 1285 1285
Number of Rotor 8 10 12 16
Number of Blades 16 20 24 32
Machine Weight (kg) 1050 1275 1355 1400 1465 1595 1970
P.T.O Shaft Rotations (max) (min) 540 - 1000 540 - 1000 540 - 1000 540 - 1000
Required Tractor Power (HP) 80 90 90 100 110-120 120-130 150

T-DRAM Power Harrow – Minos Agri

Many Australian Farmers struggle with cultivating compacted soil and turning it into a loose, nutrient-rich seedbed.

The T-DRAM Power Harrow will transform compacted soil into the perfect seedbed to grow a rich, grassy paddock or veggie patch.

T-DRAM Power Harrow Overview

Transform compacted soil into a lush, nutrient-rich seedbed with the T-DRAM Power Harrow from FarmTech Machinery, specifically designed to meet the rigorous demands of Australian agriculture. This heavy-duty power harrow revolutionizes soil cultivation, turning tough terrain into fertile land ideal for grassy paddocks or thriving veggie patches.

Design and Standard Features

Optimized for Soil Moisture and Carbon Sequestration

The T-DRAM Power Harrow is designed to maintain healthy levels of soil moisture and promote carbon sequestration, vital for sustainable farming practices and improving soil health.

Robust Construction and Size Options

Constructed from solid steel, the T-DRAM Power Harrow offers durability and longevity. It is available in models ranging from 2-4 meters wide, accommodating different farming scales and needs, and requires a tractor with 80-150 HP depending on the model.

Deep Rotating Soil Cultivation

Featuring two blades mounted on every rotor, the T-DRAM achieves a working depth of 28 cm, making it one of the deepest secondary tillage machines available. This ensures thorough soil loosening and mixing for optimal seedbed preparation.

Advanced Safety and Reliability Features

The T-DRAM incorporates a unique safety system in the PTO to protect the machinery. Its design allows it to overcome obstacles like hard rocks and immovable roots without sustaining damage, ensuring reliable performance and optimum soil conditions for seed development.

Enhanced Finishing Options

Equipped with an optional “tube roller” and a heavy roller at the rear, the T-DRAM leaves a flat and even seedbed finish, essential for uniform seed germination and crop growth.

Time-Saving and Versatile Operations

The integration of T-DRAM with other machines means farmers can perform multiple tasks without stopping, saving considerable time and enhancing overall productivity. This makes it an invaluable tool for Australian farmers looking to optimize their tillage and planting operations.

Compatibility and Efficiency with Other Machines

The unique power train design of the T-DRAM allows for simultaneous operations, significantly increasing farming efficiency. With optional hydraulic attachments, the harrow’s flexibility and efficiency are further enhanced, allowing it to be combined with other implements like seed injectors or cultivators.

At FarmTech Machinery, we know you are the kind of farmer who needs a consistent and reliable power harrow to loosen the soil to create better seed beds. In order to be that way, you need innovative farming implements with highly efficient mechanical prowess for better soil cultivation.

The problem is that many farmers still use equipment that are inefficient, break down quickly, and severely underperform at creating the perfect seedbed finish. We believe there should be a solution to take your stress out of tilling your field, giving you more time to focus on what matters most—producing higher yields and earning profits.

We understand that poor soil conditions and poor-quality equipment are major obstacles to growing healthy, robust crops. That’s why we recommend Australian farmers buy T-DRAM Power Harrow. Here’s how it works: the T-DRAM power harrow penetrates soil up to four times faster than traditional chisel plows, turning your farm into a healthier ecosystem. 

So contact us today to request a demonstration of how the T-DRAM Power Harrow works. Stop worrying about increasing yield and environmental sustainability when using T-DRAM Power Harrow and start maximizing land use, ensuring more profit every harvest season. 

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