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Here are some technical details of all the available variants/models in this specific product.

Working Width 6900mm
Transport Width 2850mm
Number of Wheels 6
Number of Discs 6
Number of Tines on Discs 6
Required Power 70hp-80hp
Machine Weight 890kg

T-OD 696 Rotary Tedder

Many Australian farmers struggle with the limited time frame between cutting and baling, risking nutrient loss or wet hay. The T-OD 696 Rotary Tedder streamlines the silage season by efficiently separating and turning cut grass, reducing drying time and moisture content concerns.

T-OD 696 Rotary Tedder Overview

Australian farmers face the constant challenge of efficiently transitioning from cutting to baling within a limited timeframe to ensure the preservation of hay and silage nutrients. The T-OD 696 Rotary Tedder from FarmTech Machinery is crafted to enhance the drying process of silage and hay, providing a solution for the efficient preparation of fodder.

Design and Standard Features

Low Maintenance Design

Built with a sturdy structure and spring tines designed to avoid snags and damage, leading to rare needs for repair and maintenance, even under the tough Australian conditions.

Heavy-Duty Gearboxes

Engineered with top-quality gearboxes crafted in Minos’ state-of-the-art CNC mills, ensuring reliability and durability for the long term.

Folding Chassis for Easy Transport

The tedder is designed with a folding chassis, making it simple to transport through standard gates and along roads with a compact width under 3 meters when folded.

Efficient Operation

The machine’s six heavy-duty discs equipped with six tines each turn over cut grass efficiently, speeding up drying times and helping to retain the nutrient content of hay and silage.

Large Working Width

With a working width of 6900mm, this tedder allows for efficient and rapid tedding over large areas, saving time and labor.

Power Requirement and Weight

Optimized for tractors with 70-80 HP, it provides a balance between power efficiency and performance, with a machine weight of 890 kg, ensuring stability during operation without overburdening the tractor.

Suitable for Varied Conditions

Designed to operate efficiently in both flat and uneven terrain, ensuring consistent tedding and reducing the drying time required for hay and silage.

At FarmTech Machinery, we understand the challenges you face in efficiently drying silage and hay. You need a tedder that not only speeds up the process but is also dependable and easy to manage.

The issue at hand is the scarcity of reliable tedders, making the drying period stressful and uncertain. We believe that Australian farmers deserve top-notch equipment to efficiently manage their harvests.

Don’t let the weather or time constraints dictate your harvest quality. Reach out to FarmTech today, and let the T-OD 696 Rotary Tedder transform your tedding process, making your operation more efficient and your produce superior.

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Manufactured in Australia