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Uneven windrows inconvenience Australian farmers as it delays bale processing.

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Here are some technical details of all the available variants/models in this specific product.

MODEL TOT - 370 - 9 TOT - 424 - 11
Working Width 3700mm 4200mm
Transport Width 1600mm 1800mm
Rotor Diameter 3705mm 4240mm
No. of Spring Tines Per Arm 6 8
No. of Arms 9 11
Working Speed 13km/h 15km/h
Machine Weight 377kg 488kg

T- OT Hay Rake - Minos

Many Australian farmers face labor-intensive hay harvesting and windrowing. The T-OT Hay Rake is a highly efficient solution, perfect for small-scale operations seeking to cut labor costs while producing top-quality hay, and it excels in tight spaces, challenging terrain, and wet conditions without compromising performance or reliability.

T- OT Hay Rake Overview

The T-OT Hay Rake – Minos is a single rotor, 9 arm hay rake designed to provide maximum efficiency when it comes to harvesting and windrowing hay. This model is a great choice for small scale operations looking to reduce labor costs while still producing quality hay. It has a minimum horsepower requirement of 45hp in order to operate optimally and safely. The rake allows for easy maneuvering around obstacles and tight spaces, making it perfect for use on smaller properties or those with limited access. As well as handling larger work loads, the T-OT Hay Rake – Minos can work in difficult terrain and wet conditions without compromising performance or reliability.

Design and Standard Features

Nine Independent Rake Arms

Provides efficient harvesting with minimal wear on the gearbox, ensuring a clean rake every time while preventing unwanted materials like stones from entering the windrow.

Closed Cam Track Gearbox in Oil Bath

Ensures smooth operation and enhanced durability, even under tough conditions, due to its heavy-duty design and oil bath lubrication.

Single Rotor System

Allows for more efficient operation with less power needed compared to multi-rotor systems. This design also allows for easy maneuverability and adaptability to various field sizes and conditions.

Safe Transport Design

Features removable arms that can be stored vertically for transport, enabling easy navigation through tight spaces and ensuring safe transport to and from the field.

Adjustable Windrow Curtain

Helps produce uniform windrows for efficient baling, with adjustability to meet individual operational needs and preferences.

Robust Construction and Design

Built to last with high-quality materials and designed to handle different types of terrain and wet conditions without compromising on performance or reliability.

Minimum 45hp Requirement

Makes the rake accessible for use with a wide range of tractors, ensuring it is suitable for small to medium-sized farming operations.

At FarmTech Machinery, we know you are the kind of farmers who want to be more precise and rapid in windrowing your harvested grass, cereals, and other fodder without delay. To be that way, you need farming equipment that creates uniform windrows with high precision and accuracy.

The problem is other farming equipment is hard to maneuver when it comes to neatness and uniformity of the windrows. They need repetitive raking to create the perfect pile ready for the baling process, which makes you feel worn out from working endlessly. We believe you should acquire a reliable rotary hay rake to finish the job promptly and accurately.

We understand every farmer’s desire for an unfailing rotary hay rake. We recommend the T- OT- Hay Gear from Minos Agri, the ultimate hay raker with rotor and foldable arms for easy maneuverability and transport. Here’s how it works: with the hay rake mounted to the tractor, the rotary tines start to operate in a circular motion grabbing hay as it goes and leaving clean stubbles. The machine rakes fodder into windrows and avoids non-fodder materials like rocks.

So contact us at FarmTech today, so you can stop having to work long hours raking windrows and start creating uniform windrows in less time and energy with the help of the Minos Agri T- OT- Hay Gear!

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