T-YYK – Cultivator – Minos Agri

Cultivate, Uproot Weeds, and Prepare Seed Beds Effectively.

Deep Compaction Relief

Heavy-Duty Build

Pre-Planting Equipment


Here are some technical details of all the available variants/models in this specific product.

MODEL T-YK-9 T-YK-11 T-YK-13
WORKING WIDTH (cm) 215 230 245
POWER REQUIRMENT (hp) 45-60 60-70 70-80
WEIGHT (kg) 250 294 338

T-YYK Cultivator – Minos Agri

Many Australian farmers face soil preparation and weed control challenges, but the Minos Ag T-YYK cultivator offers efficient secondary tillage, soil aeration, weed uprooting, and seed bed preparation, reducing herbicide usage and enhancing crop readiness.

T-YYK Cultivator Overview

Introducing the Minos Ag T-YYK cultivator, a specialized secondary tillage tool crafted for efficient soil tilling without overturning the earth. Designed to seamlessly attach to a tractor using a three-point linkage system, this cultivator is ideal for enhancing soil conditions in fields and orchards, and for preparing meticulous seedbeds.

Design and Standard Features

Secondary Tillage Specialization

The Minos Ag T-YYK is specifically designed for secondary tillage tasks, allowing for effective soil tilling without overturning the top layer. This method preserves the natural soil structure and microbial ecosystem, essential for healthy plant growth.

Three-Point Linkage Attachment

This cultivator connects seamlessly to a tractor using a three-point linkage system, ensuring stability and ease of use. This universal attachment method allows for quick hook-up and detachment, enhancing work efficiency on the farm.

Spring-Loaded Tines

Equipped with 11 spring-loaded tines, the T-YYK provides thorough tilling and aeration of the soil. The springs allow the tines to flex and adapt to varying soil conditions and obstacles, reducing the risk of damage to the tool and ensuring consistent soil penetration.

Depth Control

The cultivator allows for adjustment to the required tilling depth, offering flexibility to meet different agricultural needs, from light surface tilling to deeper soil aeration and pulverization.

Versatile Soil Preparation

Ideal for use in fields and orchards, the T-YYK cultivator prepares seed beds by breaking up clods, uprooting weeds, and mixing in fertilizers. This results in an optimal soil environment for planting, leading to better seed germination and crop growth.

Improved Soil Conditions

Regular use of the T-YYK cultivator enhances soil aeration, moisture retention, and nutrient mixing, significantly contributing to the improvement of overall soil health and productivity.

Weed Management and Reduced Herbicide Use

By efficiently uprooting weeds during the tillage process, the T-YYK reduces the need for chemical herbicides, promoting a more sustainable and cost-effective approach to weed control.

At FarmTech Machinery, we understand the crucial role of effective tillage in promoting healthy, productive soil. Efficient soil preparation leads to better water retention, aeration, and nutrient distribution, directly impacting crop health and yield.

The challenge is to perform thorough tillage without overturning the soil too much, which can disrupt the natural soil structure and beneficial organisms. We believe farmers need a versatile, reliable tool that ensures optimal soil conditions for planting and growth.

Contact FarmTech Machinery today to find out more about the Minos Ag T-YYK cultivator and how it can improve your farming practices, leading to healthier crops and increased profitability.

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Manufactured in Australia