T5050 – Bale Feeder – Teagle

Easily transform bales into Beddings for chook sheds or under-tree mulching

Enhanced Safety and Control Features

Heavy-Duty Construction

Efficient Operations


Here are some technical details of all the available variants/models in this specific product.

MODEL 5050 5050XL
Operating width 2.48m 2.48m
Operating width with Silage Giraffe 2.76m 2.76m
Silage Giraffe discharge height* 1.53m 1.53m
Weight 877kg 1,166kg
PTO power required - Straw** 60hp 100hp
PTO power required - Silage** 80hp 100hp

T5050 Bale Feeder – Teagle

Australian farmers often struggle with processing bales that perform poorly as beddings for chicken sheds or under tree mulching. The T5050 Bale Feeder can effortlessly chop round bales to provide the best environment inside your chicken sheds or the optimal volume for under-tree mulching. 

T5050 Bale Feeder Overview

The Teagle T5050 Bale Feeder emerges as a versatile and efficient solution specifically engineered to meet the needs of Australian farmers facing challenges with bale processing for livestock bedding or under-tree mulching. This robust bale processor is designed to efficiently transform bales into optimal bedding for chicken sheds or as mulch for orchard health.

Design and Standard Features

Extra Wide Bale Processing

Capable of handling both round and rectangular bales up to 1.5 meters, making it ideal for various farm sizes and needs. This flexibility ensures that different types of bales can be processed, whether for livestock housing or orchard mulching.

Versatile Chopping Lengths

Can chop straw for bedding as long as 15 cm and shred wet silage bales, hay, or root crops as short as 4 cm, making it suitable for a wide range of feed and bedding applications.

Extended Reach and Dual Side Output

With the ability to blow straw up to 35 feet and outlets on both sides, the T5050 enhances placement efficiency and ensures even distribution of materials.

Robust Rotor with Safety Features

Equipped with long chopping and triangular tearing blades, alongside a slip clutch to prevent overload impacts, safeguarding both the machinery and the operator.

PTO-Driven Versatility

Utilizes the tractor’s hydraulic system for drum rotation, with operational speeds adaptable between 540 to 1000 rpm for different material types.

Efficient Bale Processing

Designed for Australian farming conditions, it provides an efficient solution to transform bales into bedding for chicken sheds or mulch, ensuring healthier livestock and better soil conditions.

Customizable Options and Accessories

Offers additional features like optional castor wheels for improved maneuverability and drum extensions for larger bale processing, enhancing its utility and versatility.

At FarmTech Machinery, we know you are the kind of farmer who wants to be able to process bales for livestock bedding or under-tree mulching. In order to be that way, you need a reliable bale processor to do the job for you.

The problem is that some bale processors can not properly handle bales leading to more inefficiency and making you do additional work instead of getting the job done quickly. We believe you only need to have the best machine to handle such a job.

We understand the dilemma Australian farmers face daily. That’s why we have the Teagle T5050 Bale Feeder, a 2-in-1 bed and feed machine that chops bale of straw for bedding and shreds bale silage to make it suitable for under-tree mulch.

Here’s how it works: by using the direct drive PTO, it then spins the cutting rotor together with the drum and bale inside, then discharges shredded bales slowly into the feed bunk inside the barns or neatly under the trees. 

So contact us at Farmtech today, so you can stop wasting bales and unhealthy livestock and start having healthier, more productive chickens.

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Manufactured in Australia