Tanco S200 V

Enhances wrapping convenience with automated functionality. Manual wrapping processes can be tedious and time-consuming, especially when waiting for contractors during peak silage seasons. The Tanco S200 V Automatic Bale Wrapper automates wrapping tasks, providing convenience and efficiency for farmers

Cycle Time

Up to 45 Bales/Hour

Bale Compatibility

Round Bales Only

Operation Type


Wrap Configuration

Single Wrap

Tanco S200 V - Bale Wrapper

Begin Wrapping your Own Bales to preserve freshness and silage integrity

Reliabiliy and Durability Guaranteed

Silage Season Essentials



Here are some technical details of all the available variants/models in this specific product.

Weight and Dimensions
Transport Length (m) 2.30 / (7'5"
Transport Width (m) 1.40 / (4'6"
Height in Transport (m) 2.40 / (7'8")
Weight (kg) 870 / (1,918 lbs)
Bale Dimensions
Width x (Min. - Max. Diameter) (m) 1.25 x (1.00 - 1.50)
US Round Bale Dimensions (ft) up to 4" x 5"
Max. Bale Weight (kg) 1,200 / (2,645 lbs)
Min. Oil Consumption (l/min) (US gal/min) 30 / 8
Max. Oil Consumption (l/min) (US gal/min) 60 / 16
Min. Oil Pressure (bar) (PSI) 180 / 2,600
Free Flow Return Required Yes
Load Sensing Option Yes

Tanco S200 V - Bale Wrapper

Australian farmers often struggle against time-consuming and labour-intensive bale wrapping processes, leading to inefficiencies, increased handling, and potential damage to bales. The Tanco S200 V addresses these challenges by introducing advanced features and innovations, streamlining bale wrapping operations while ensuring optimal bale protection and handling.

Tanco S200 V - Bale Wrapper Overview

Experience a revolution in bale wrapping efficiency with the Tanco S200 V. This cutting-edge 3-point linkage bale wrapper boasts unparalleled versatility, compactness, and performance, setting new standards in the industry. From its lightweight design to its patented wrap arm system, the S200 V redefines bale wrapping for modern agricultural operations.

Design and Standard Features

Unique Wrap Arm Options

Elevate your bale wrapping capabilities with the Tanco S200 V, offering a range of wrap arm configurations including single, twin, or triple options. This unmatched flexibility allows you to tailor your bale handling process to meet specific output requirements and operational preferences, ensuring optimal efficiency and versatility.

Compact & Lightweight Design

Engineered for exceptional maneuverability and performance, the S200 V boasts a compact and lightweight construction, weighing in at just 720 kg (1,587 lbs). This design ensures unparalleled agility on all terrains, including rugged mountainous landscapes, while minimizing bale movement during wrapping for precise and consistent results.

Wrap & Stack Functionality

Experience unparalleled efficiency in bale management with the S200 V’s innovative wrap and stack functionality. By enabling simultaneous wrapping and stacking in a single operation, this feature significantly reduces labour, tractor hours, and handling times, streamlining your bale handling process and maximizing productivity.

Patented Wrap Arm System

Revolutionize your bale wrapping experience with Tanco’s patented wrap arm system, meticulously engineered for unrivaled performance and compactness. This innovative system enables seamless unfolding and folding of multiple wrap arms into a single telescopic Cut & Start mechanism, optimizing operational efficiency and space utilization while delivering consistent and reliable wrapping results.

End-Tip Kit

Safeguard your bales and optimize handling efficiency with the optional End-Tip Kit, allowing for the safe placement of bales on their flat end. By minimizing the risk of damage during off-loading and preventing bales from rolling, this kit ensures optimal bale protection and stability throughout the handling process, preserving bale quality and integrity.

Telescopic Cut & Start

Enhance your bale wrapping precision and reliability with the S200 V’s telescopic Cut & Start feature, designed to extend to three times its resting state. This patented mechanism ensures precise film gathering and cutting, minimizing film wastage and maximizing wrapping efficiency while instilling confidence in your bale wrapping process.

Variable Speed Hydraulics

Experience unmatched control and efficiency with the S200 V’s variable speed hydraulics, enabling precise adjustment of wrap arm speed for smoother wrapping operations. By reducing vibration and stress on the machine, this advanced hydraulic system prolongs machine’s lifespan while ensuring consistent and reliable performance, even in demanding operating conditions.

At FarmTech Machinery we know you are the kind of farmers who want to be efficient and successful in your operations. In order to be that way, you need a bale wrapper that simplifies and speeds up your baling process. The problem is traditional bale wrappers are bulky and heavy, making them difficult to maneuver and operate efficiently, leading to wasted time and effort. This can be frustrating, leaving you feeling overwhelmed by the workload and the inefficiency of your equipment. We believe no farmer should struggle with outdated machinery that hinders rather than helps.

We understand the challenges you face and the importance of reliable equipment in your operation. That’s why we offer the Tanco S200 V, a compact and lightweight bale wrapper designed to streamline your baling process and boost your productivity

Here’s how it works: first, choose your preferred wrap arm option; second, utilize the wrap and stack functionality for seamless bale handling; third, enjoy the convenience of the telescopic Cut & Start feature for precise film handling.

So invest in the Tanco S200 V today to avoid wasting time and effort on inefficient baling methods and start enjoying a more productive and stress-free farming experience.

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Manufactured in Australia