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Here are some technical details of all the available variants/models in this specific product.

TC D80
Transport Operation Bale Size (m)
Height 0.62m Hydraulic Connection Double Acting Service Max. Bale Length 2
Width (Open) 2.1m Oil Pressure 210 bar Min. Bale Length 0.6
Width (Closed) 0.57m Oil Amount (Max/Min) 70L / 20L Max. Bale Weight (kgs) 1500 kgs
Length 1.5m Maximum Counter Pressure 15 bar
Weight 390 kgs

TC D80 Bale Grab- Tanco

Many Australian Farmers struggle with the secure and damage-free handling of large square and round bales. The Tanco D80 Bale Stacker, with its simple yet effective design featuring a double-acting hydraulic ram and lockable arms, provides a complete solution for safe, consistent bale handling.

TC D80 Bale Grab Overview

The Tanco TC D80 Bale Handler offers a comprehensive solution for Australian farmers dealing with the transport and handling of large square and round bales. This equipment is designed to simplify the lifting, moving, and stacking of huge bales while ensuring safe and damage-free operations.

Design and Standard Features

Ultimate Bale Handling Efficiency

Its simple yet effective design ensures the safe lifting, moving, and stacking of large square and round bales, enhancing farm productivity.

Double-Acting Hydraulic Ram

Provides a consistent and complete grip on all bale sizes, ensuring damage-free handling, particularly important for silage bales with plastic wrapping.

Arm Locking and Stacker Design

Ensures easy stacking of bales while maintaining them within the operator’s field of vision for increased safety and efficiency.

Versatility in Bale Handling

Capable of efficiently handling both round and square bales, making it a flexible option for various farm sizes and operations.

Quality Assurance

Manufactured in Ireland with a commitment to quality, the TC D80 conforms to EU health and safety requirements (CE marking) and is certified by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO).

Ease of Use and Safety

The TC D80’s design prioritizes user safety and ease of operation, making bale handling tasks simpler and safer for Australian farmers.

Damage Prevention to Bale Wrappings

Special design considerations prevent damage to bale wrappings, reducing wastage and potential contamination issues.

At FarmTech Machinery,  we know you are the kind of farmer who wants to manage huge bales efficiently. To be that way, you need strong and safe equipment that’s flexible in handling both round and square bales.

The problem is during lifting, some bale handling implements damage the wrappings, which is concerning not only due to the hydraulic liquid possible contamination with bales but also the wastage. We believe you need a safe and high-performing bale handler to do the job.

We understand that Australian farmers need huge bales handling machines. That’s why we suggest using the TC D80 from Tanco with a double-acting hydraulic ram, which ensures a complete and consistent grip for all sizes of bales and prevents damage to the plastic wrapping. Here’s how it works: after attaching the unit to a tractor, lower the stacker atop the bale and note that with small bales, the arm assembly should not touch the ground and close the gripper as far as possible. Raise the loader and close the gripper further to grip the bales more off the ground ensuring safety.

So reach out today, so you can stop dealing with a damaging bale handling machine and start using a safe and damage-free bale handler.

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