TC I73 - Bale Shear – Tanco

Reduce wear on your mixer!

Reduces Production Time

Hydraulically Controlled

Improves Feed Quality


Here are some technical details of all the available variants/models in this specific product.

Height (Closed) 0.85 m
Height (Open) 1.75 m
Width 1.82 m
Length 1.10 m
Weight 450 kg
Max. Bale Length 1.20 m
Max. Bale Diameter 1.55 m
Max. Bale Weight 1,400 kg capacity
Hydraulic Connection Double acting service
Oil Pressure 210 bar / 150 bar
Oil Amount (Max / Min) 70 L / 20 L
Max. Counter Pressure 15 bar

TC I73 Bale Shear- Tanco

Many Australian Farmers struggle with efficiently processing and feeding livestock while preserving feed quality and minimizing expenses. The Tanco TC 173 Bale Shear, with its powerful hydraulics and sharp shears, effortlessly cuts through large bales and reducing labor, fuel, and maintenance costs.

TC I73 Bale Shear Overview

The Tanco TC I73 Bale Shear offers Australian farmers an advanced solution for efficient feed processing. Building upon the success of the previous model, the TC 170 Bale Shear, this updated model aims to enhance the safety, speed, and reliability of bale handling and delivery, promising significant savings in mixing time and improved feed quality.

Design and Standard Features

Precision Shearing Mechanism

Equipped with sharp shears and powerful hydraulics, the TC I73 can smoothly cut through silage, hay, and straw bales up to 1.5 meters (5ft) in diameter while retaining the plastic and net, ensuring the bale’s quality is preserved.

Efficient Bale Handling

Designed for compactness and efficiency, the TC 173 allows for seamless handling and loading of bales directly into your mixer wagons, reducing wear and tear on equipment and enhancing feed quality.

Adaptable Gripper

Comes with a versatile gripper adaptable for standard bale sizes of 1.2 meters (4ft), expanding its usability across different types of bale sizes.

Significant Time and Cost Savings

Experience up to 60% savings in mixing time, reducing labor, fuel, and equipment maintenance costs, thereby increasing overall farm profitability.

Universal Coupling and Bracketing

tractors and loaders, ensuring easy integration into your existing farm machinery.

Designed for Versatility

The bale shear’s ability to retain plastic wrap and net while operating prevents contamination and ensures clean forage, suitable for various livestock feed needs.

Safety and Reliability

Building on the success of the 170 Bale Shear, the TC I73 is engineered for improved safety, speed, and reliability in bale delivery operations, ensuring peace of mind during operation.

At FarmTech Machinery we know you are the kind of farmer who focuses on efficiency and quality while reducing expenses. In order to be that way, you need machinery that will help you save time, money, and effort. 

The problem is that moving hay and bales efficiently needs precise equipment, which may necessitate purchasing more machines that incur more costs. We believe farmers should acquire agricultural equipment that is dependable while staying budget-friendly. 

We understand that working efficiently is one of the top priorities of Australian farmers. That’s why we offer Tanco TC I73 Bale Shear as your reliable shearing tool that helps to mitigate unneeded labor and costs.

Using the successful TC 170 as its framework, the TC 173 Bale Shear can cut through bales and silage directly on your feeders. Most Australian farmers experience massive savings on production and maintenance costs with the TC 173 Bale Shear from Tanco, and it’s time you do as well.

Here’s how it works: Utilizing its powerful shears and hydraulic, the TC 173 Bale Shear handles and splits round bales and deposits them to the feeders. The process significantly cuts work time while preserving the freshness of the bales.

So contact us now, so you can stop wasting precious time and energy and start efficiently working with and feeding your livestock.

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Manufactured in Australia