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Here are some technical details of all the available variants/models in this specific product.

Volume (m³) 1,5 2 4 6
Width (Discharge unit closed) (mm) 1730 1710 2250 2250 / Standard - Double Side
Width (Discharge unit opened) (mm) - 1850 2650 2250 / Standard - Double Side
Length (Dipper closed) (mm) 1555 3340 3900 4450
Length (Dipper opened) (mm) - 3900 4500 5530
Length (mm) 1720 1860 2375 2500
Length (mm) - 2670 3400 3700
Number of Coulter Knives on the Auger 6 7 7 8
Weighing Unit No Optional Optional Optional
Number of Loadcells No 3 3 3
Hydraulic Pressure System Uses Tractor's Optional Built in the machine Built in the machine
Dipper System NO Standart-150 Kg. Standart-300 Kg. Standart-300 Kg.
Wheels 150 mm/ 4 10/80/12 10/80/12 10/75/15,3
Unladen Weight (kg) 520 1050 1970 2660
Required Tractor Power (HP) 5 8 25 40

TDYKM Feed Mixer - Minos

Many Australian farmers struggle with providing their livestock nutrition-rich feeds in a consistent and efficient manner. The TDYKM Feed Mixer by Minos, introduced by FarmTech Machinery, addresses this issue by allowing precise mixing and delivery of varied feed ingredients, ensuring livestock receives well-balanced meals essential for their growth and health.

TDYKM Feed Mixer Overview

The TDYKM Feed Mixer from Minos, offered by Farmtech Machinery, is designed to meet the specific nutritional mixing needs of Australian livestock farming. It allows for precise and efficient feed mixing, ensuring livestock receive nutritionally rich rations necessary for optimal health and growth.

Design and Standard Features

Robust Structure with a Vertical Auger

Equipped with alloy knives, the vertical auger ensures quick and efficient cutting, grinding, and mixing of different feed materials to produce a homogenous mixture.

Digital Scale Integration

Provides precise weighing of feed ingredients to ensure the optimum homogenous mixture, leading to better nutrition for livestock.

Hydraulic Loading Bucket

Enhances safety by enabling easy hauling of feeds and hays into the mixer while keeping the operator away from the mixing chamber.

Hydraulic Jackstand

Ensures a stable base for the feed mixer at full capacity, available across models, including the smaller ones, for improved safety and stability.

Various Conveyor Options

Allows for flexible dispensing of the finished feed mixture according to the specific height and location requirements, enhancing efficiency in feed distribution.

User-Friendly Operation

Engineered for ease of use from loading to dispensing, reducing waste and saving time during the feed mixing process.

High Efficiency and Nutrition Preservation

Designed to mix feeds in a way that retains nutritional value, ensuring livestock receive well-balanced and nutrient-rich feeds.

At FarmTech Machinery, we know you are in need of a way to provide the best nutrition for your livestock to yield more harvest. In order to be that way, you need to produce well-mixed feeds that are highly packed with nutrients.

The problem is that without the right mixer, you could make poorly-made rations, which makes you feel frustrated when your livestock aren’t getting the nutrients they need. We believe you and your livestock deserve the best rations.

We understand your feelings perfectly. That’s why we bring you the TDYKM Feed Mixer from Minos. Here is how it works. First: park the mixer and level it with the Hydraulic Jackstand. Second: put the feed ingredients in the loading bucket. Third: by turning the mixer on, the loading bucket will put the feeds into the mixing chamber and mix the feeds. 

So contact us now! So you can stop worrying about the nutritional value of the feeds you provide for your livestock and start making balanced and nutritious feeds for them.

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