TL 50 – Bale Wrapper – Tubeline

Wrap up to 6-foot Bales in-line while using Half the Film!

In-line Bale Wrapper

Heavy-Duty Construction

High Quality Output


Here are some technical details of all the available variants/models in this specific product.

Overall Length 18’
Width 9’
Height 9’
Weight 5,250 lbs
Power 13 HP Honda c/w 11 GPM Pump
Electric Start Standard
Alternator 18 Amp.
Hydraulics Self-contained
Electric Over Hydraulic STD -
Electronic Control Valve - STD
Tires (2) 11L x 15 8 Ply (2) 27 x 10.5 Traction
Tires with Power Drive (2) 11L x 15 8 Ply (2) 27 x 10.5 Traction
Quick Start Leveling Quick Deck Adjust
Brakes (Compactor) Deck Tight Pack
Steering Hydraulics
Emergency Stop E Stop Button
Roll Off Tail Fixed
Transport Lights STANDARD
Round Up to 6’
Square (Single) -
Square (Double Stacked) -
Film Stretcher (2) 30” x 55%
Bale Saddles -
Bale Guide Rollers Standard (x2)
Hoop Speed (Adjust) Manual Electronic
Cycle Times*
5’ Round (66” Cycle Length) 29 sec.
4’ Round (54” Cycle Length) 23 sec.
3’ Square (42” Cycle Length) -

TL 50 Bale Wrapper - Tubeline

Australian farmers struggle with finding quick and cost-effective means to wrap bales and preserve their nutrients. 

The Tubeline TL50 Inline Bale Wrapper uses an inline wrapping method for faster and more economical bale wrapping.

TL 50 Bale Wrapper Overview

Boost your bale wrapping efficiency with the TL50 Inline Bale Wrapper from Tubeline, proudly presented by FarmTech Machinery. Australian farmers can now embrace a faster, more cost-effective solution for preserving the quality of their bales.

Design and Standard Features

Inline Wrapping Method

 The TL50 uses an innovative inline wrapping method that joins multiple bales in a continuous row. This approach significantly improves time efficiency and cost-effectiveness compared to traditional individual bale wrapping methods. It results in substantial film savings and requires fewer manpower and tractors.

Quick Bale Wrapping Capability

The TL50 can wrap round bales up to 6 feet in diameter in less than 30 seconds. This rapid processing capability ensures that large volumes of bales can be wrapped in a shorter period, enhancing productivity and reducing downtime.

Automated Bale Handling Systems

 Equipped with Tubeline’s automated Push Ram, Film Snap, and Bale Dispatch system, the TL50 minimizes the time and effort required from the operator. These systems facilitate the smooth and continuous feeding of fresh bales into the wrapping table.

Optional Twin Wrap Kit

 This feature allows for the application of two layers of film simultaneously, increasing throughput and improving the durability of the wrap. With up to 4 inches of adjustable offset, operators can fine-tune the overlap of the film, ensuring each bale is wrapped securely and with optimal coverage.

User-friendly Control Systems

The TL50 offers two types of control systems. The LSV control series provides simple analog knob-and-switch controls for hydraulic functions, making the machine easy to operate. Alternatively, the ECV series offers a more sophisticated control setup with a digital screen, multi-function joystick, and centralized control over the machine’s operations, enhancing usability and precision.

Efficient Design and Construction

The TL50 is designed to be sleek, efficient, and robust, capable of handling bigger and heavier workloads while delivering consistent, high-quality results. Its design minimizes waste and maximizes operational efficiency.

Cost and Time Efficiency

 By enabling the wrapping of multiple bales in a single, continuous line, the TL50 addresses the common problems associated with traditional bale wrapping methods. It significantly reduces the consumption of wrapping film and the need for manual labor, leading to lower operational costs and higher productivity for Australian farmers.

At FarmTech Machinery we know you are the kind of farmers who want to be able to bale silage in the most efficient way possible. To be that way, you need heavy machinery that continuously wraps bales in one long line.

The problem is that traditional wrappers only wrap one bale at a time while using twice as much film, consuming more time and resources for lower output. We believe that Australian farmers deserve reliable equipment that allows them to be more cost and time-efficient. We understand that Australian farmers want dependable machinery to do the job faster and cheaper.

 That’s why we are offering you the Tubeline TL50 Bale Wrapper for all your bale-wrapping needs. Here’s how it works: Setup the TL50 Bale Wrapper on your field. Next, load up the bales on the wrapper. Lastly, turn the wrapper on using the control panel and see how it efficiently wraps the bales in one continuous line.   

So call us now, so you can stop wrapping your bales up one by one and start efficiently joining multiple bales in single, continuous rows.

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Manufactured in Australia