Tubeline TL17000SR

Provides flexibility in wrapping various bale types. Farmers dealing with different bale shapes may require multiple wrapping machines, complicating operations. The Tubeline TL17000SR Round and Square Bale Wrapper accommodate both round and square bales, offering versatility and efficiency in wrapping.

Cycle Time

Under 30 seconds

Bale Compatibility

Round and Square Bale

Operation Type


Wrap Configuration

Single Wrap

TL1700SR – Bale Wrapper – Tubeline

Flexibility to wrap square and round bales

Best for Round and Square Bales

Heavy-Duty Construction

High Quality Output


Here are some technical details of all the available variants/models in this specific product.

Bale Size (Square) 3' x 3' bales up to 7'
Bale Size (Round) 4' x 4' to 5' x 5'6"
Film Width 30" (x2)
Length 192"
Width 82"
Height 95"
Weight 2,865 lbs.
HP Required 30
Hitch Trailer (Clevis)
Drive Type Hydraulic
Guide Roller 2

TL1700SR Bale Wrapper – Tubeline

Improving your profitability as a silage producer can be difficult to achieve if you rely on contractors to do the wrapping for you. With their rates consistently on the rise, it’s time to take matters into your own hands. Introducing the TL 1700SR Bale Wrapper. It is an entry-level bale wrapper that can wrap both square and round bales, which gives you much-needed flexibility year after year.


TL1700SR Bale Wrapper Overview

The TL1700SR Bale Wrapper from Tubeline is a game-changing solution for farmers aiming to increase their profitability in the silage production industry. This entry-level bale wrapper stands out with its remarkable flexibility, capable of wrapping both square and round bales, thus providing farmers with the autonomy to manage their silage wrapping needs efficiently without depending on external contractors.

Design and Standard Features

Versatility in Bale Wrapping

The TL 1700SR offers unmatched versatility, capable of wrapping both square and round bales efficiently. This adaptability ensures that Australian farmers can handle various baling requirements with a single machine, enhancing their operational flexibility and reducing downtime.

Self-Operated Wrapping

This entry-level bale wrapper empowers farmers to take control of their silage wrapping process, eliminating reliance on contractors. Its ease of use and low-cost solution make it perfect for farmers looking to wrap their own bales and potentially offer wrapping services to neighbors, creating an additional income stream.

Tubeline’s Twin Wrap Kit

Equipped with Tubeline’s innovative Twin Wrap Kit, the TL1700SR laminates two layers together to form a more robust 2-ply layer of plastic, ensuring optimal overlap and enhanced protection of the silage, significantly reducing spoilage risks.

Integrated Bale Mat and Cutting Knives

The integrated bale mat prevents damage to the wrap, while the dual integrated knives cleanly cut the film between cycles, streamlining the wrapping process and ensuring that each bale is securely sealed without manual intervention.

Sturdy Construction and Reliable Operation

Built on a robust steel frame, the TL1700SR guarantees reliable and durable operations. Its design includes a rotating turntable, drum rollers, and adjustable bale guides for effective bale handling and wrapping, ensuring consistent performance under the demanding Australian conditions.

Economic and Efficient Silage Management

By owning the TL1700SR, farmers can drastically reduce their dependency on costly wrapping services. The investment in this bale wrapper is designed to pay off within a couple of silage seasons, boosting profitability and productivity during critical harvesting periods.

Convenient Additional Features

The wrapper comes equipped with essential features such as an Offset Twin Wrap Kit, an integrated knife for automatic film cutting, a rotation counter for monitoring wraps, and bale support rollers for stable and even wrapping.

At FarmTech Machinery, we know you are the kind of farmer who wants to improve your profitability and be more productive during silage season. In order to be that way, you need to be more flexible and efficient as possible–by having a bale wrapper that allows you to wrap a wide variety of bales sizes as well as square or round.

The problem is, that buying new equipment can feel like a big commitment, which makes you feel that you’re at the mercy of waiting until a specialized contractor’s hectic schedule clears up which might lead to diminished silage quality causing your profits to go down. 

We believe that Australian Farmers can beat this situation by getting their own bale wrapper without breaking the bank. We understand that this requires an affordable bale wrapper that can do both square and round bales. 

That’s why we have rigorously tested the Tubeline TL1700R in Australian conditions. Here’s how it works Tubeline TL1700R is equipped with simple yet effective components that make it one of the most durable and affordable bale wrapper that is able to handle two types of bale silage. 

So Call Now to make an investment that will pay dividends, so you can stop working hard for shrinking profit and start maximizing the returns for your hard work.

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