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Faster Bale Wrapping While Using Much Less Film.

In-line Bale Wrapper

Heavy-Duty Construction

High Quality Output


Here are some technical details of all the available variants/models in this specific product.

Overall Length 20’
Width 9’ 5”
Height 9’ 10”
Weight 6,300 lbs.
Power 13 HP Honda c/w 11 GPM Pump
Electric Start Standard
Alternator 18 Amp.
Hydraulics Self-contained
Electric Over Hydraulic STD -
Electronic Control Valve - STD
Tires (2) 11L x 15 8 Ply (2) 27 x 10.5 Traction
Tires with Power Drive (2) 11L x 15 8 Ply (2) 27 x 10.5 Traction
Quick Start Leveling Quick Deck Adjust
Brakes (Compactor) Deck Tight Pack
Steering Hydraulics
Emergency Stop E Stop Button
Roll Off Tail Fixed
Transport Lights STANDARD
Round Up to 6’
Square (Single) Up to 3’ x 3’ x 6’ and Up to 4’ x 4’ x 6’
Square (Double Stacked) -
Film Stretcher (2) 30” x 55%
Bale Saddles -
Bale Guide Rollers Standard (x4)
Hoop Speed (Adjust) Manual Electronic
Cycle Times*
5’ Round (66” Cycle Length) 29 sec.
4’ Round (54” Cycle Length) 23 sec.
3’ Square (42” Cycle Length) 17 sec.

TL 60 Bale Wrapper - Tubeline

Getting freshly cut hay or silage cured and wrapped before the bad weather is a race that most Australian farmers regularly face. From preserving hay and silage’s nutrients by keeping them airtight, dry, and protected, there are a lot of benefits from fast and efficient bale wrapping.

The TL60 BaleWrapper is the new generation of TL Series inline bale wrappers from Tubeline. Built to provide producers and contractor operators with high efficiency and proven reliability, this bale wrapper offers multiple configurations that adapt to your various needs and budgets.

TL 60 Bale Overview

Unlock the full potential of your bale wrapping operations with the cutting-edge TL60 BaleWrapper from Tubeline. This innovative machine is crafted to streamline the wrapping process, enhancing efficiency and reliability for Australian farmers facing the relentless challenge of weather and time.

Design and Standard Features

Versatility in Bale Types

 The TL60 BaleWrapper distinguishes itself by accommodating both round and square bales. This feature allows Australian farmers to seamlessly switch between bale types with minimal adjustments, providing a versatile solution for different types of hay and silage wrapping needs.

Configurable Packages for Different Needs

 The machine offers three distinct packages – Silver, Gold, and Platinum – each tailored to fit the varying requirements and budgets of Australian farmers. This flexibility ensures that every farmer can find a configuration that meets their specific operational needs without compromising on efficiency or performance.

Advanced Film Snap Technology

The TL60 incorporates a patent-pending Film Snap system that significantly simplifies the wrapping process. This innovative feature allows for quick and efficient film cutting, ensuring that the bale wrapping cycle continues uninterrupted, thus saving time and reducing manual labor.

Enhanced Power and Drive Options

With options for a 20HP engine and a dual power drive system, the TL60 is equipped to handle challenging terrains and conditions, including uphill wrapping. This ensures consistent performance and reliability across various farm landscapes.

Wireless and Automated Control Systems

The inclusion of wireless plastic sensor shutdown kits and remote steering/shutdown capabilities enhances the convenience and ease of use of the TL60 BaleWrapper. These systems allow operators to control the machine from the tractor seat, streamlining the wrapping process and reducing the need for manual intervention.

Innovative Guidance and Lighting Systems

 The Platinum package of the TL60 features a laser guidance system for precise bale alignment and LED work lights for nighttime operation. These features ensure that bales are wrapped accurately and efficiently, regardless of the time of day or field conditions.

Robust Hydraulic Operation Systems

The TL60 offers two hydraulic operation systems – LSV and ECV – providing farmers with a choice between analog switches combined with hydraulic levers and a fully digital console with easy button controls. This flexibility allows for tailored operation preferences, ensuring that every farmer can optimize the machine’s performance according to their specific needs.

Providing Australian farmers with ways to optimize the production processes while elevating output quality during hay and silage season is at the forefront of what FarmTech Machinery does. A limited time window between cutting hay and wrapping it before it loses nutrients is important for maintaining healthy livestock.

While standard bale wrappers can perform basic tasks, not all of them can swiftly wrap the bale with consistent results.

Not having the hay packed fast enough can risk your valuable hay from not only losing much-desired nutrients but also getting caught in bad weather, wasting all the effort given to them. And for farmers, wasted time is wasted money.


We believe that Australian Farmers deserve to maximize their profitability by using cutting-edge machinery that will help ramp up the wrapping process. We also understand that switching from conventional wrappers is a costly investment.

To give you unparalleled peace of mind, we’ve thoroughly inspected the Tubeline TL60 BaleWrapper to ensure they’ll work perfectly for your needs. The crafty utilization of modern bale wrapping technology Tubeline is known for, and features like the fixed tail and rotating cam axle system make bale wrapping faster and more efficient.

Get more bales wrapped tightly and prepared for livestock feeding, resulting in optimized and profit-generating farming.

Time to make an investment that pays for itself. Call us today to learn more.

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