Achieve efficient feed processing and save time on farm chores. Breaking apart bales is oftentimes a very time-consuming task that leaves you little time to do other duties around the farm. The Tomahawk 8500 gives you an automated feed preparation solution for more efficient and streamlined operations.

Bale Compatibility

Round Bales Only

Bale Capacity

Up to 2 Bales

Required HP

At least 80 HP

Bale Size

5’ Round Bales

Tomahawk 8500 – Bale Processor – Teagle

Your Professional Choice for Fast and Reliable Bedding

Tomahawk 8500 Model/ HP
850 / 80 hp
8500 SC / 80 hp
8550 SC / 80 hp

Enhanced Safety and Control Features

Heavy-Duty Construction

Efficient Operations


Here are some technical details of all the available variants/models in this specific product.

MODEL 850 8500 SC 8550 SC
Chute Side Swivel Swivel
Dual Chop No No Yes
Silage Yes Yes No
Straw Yes
Crossbeaters 1
Capacity (m³) 4.5
No. of 5’ round bales 2
No. of 8’ rectangular bales (4’x 2’6”/ 4’x4’) 1/1
Bale chamber (tailgate down) W x H x D 1.70 x 1.25 x 2.98m
Blow distance (max.) 25m 22m 22m
Min. tractor PTO HP 80 hp
Overall width (chute closed) 2.44m 2.16m 2.16m
Overall length (tailgate up) 4.14m
Overall length (tailgate down) 5.38m
Overall height (chute closed) 2.59m 2.77m 2.77m
Unladen weight (mounted) 2080kg 2080kg 2415kg
Tyre size 10.00/75-15.3 (options available)
Oil flow rate (min/max) (l/min) 35 - 60

Tomahawk 8500 Bale Processor – Teagle

Preparation for a chook shed or barn straw bedding can be a tedious and time-consuming process. Each step requires machinery for optimal processing, from cutting the straw bale to evenly spreading it on the shed.

The Tomahawk 8500 bedder is the best equipment for the job. This next-level equipment from Teagle has a versatile design and can process bales of straw, silage or hay swiftly and cost-effectively. Its high-capacity loader and adjustable chute easily handle bedding ro feeding processes, cutting production time in half while improving quality.

Tomahawk 8500 Bale Processor Overview

The Teagle Tomahawk 8500 Bedder represents a breakthrough in bedding preparation technology, streamlining the process of converting straw, silage, or hay into high-quality bedding for livestock. This machine is your professional choice for creating a comfortable, hygienic environment for your animals, ensuring their productivity and wellbeing.

Design and Standard Features

Dual Chop System

Offers one-touch adjustable straw output. Easily shift between short chop and no chop settings, enhancing versatility and efficiency in bedding preparation without needing additional tools or part changes.

Adjustable Chute

The Tomahawk 8500 features a swiveling chute that can distribute materials up to 280° and project hay up to 25m, ensuring thorough and even coverage in barnyards, chicken sheds, or for mulching.

High Capacity & Durability

Designed with a larger frame that accommodates 5ft round and square bales, constructed from wear-resistant materials for longevity and consistency in operation.

Enhanced Operator Control

Features like the 8-Paddle Fan, Wireless Bluetooth Control, and adjustable chute provide unmatched control over bedding and feeding processes, allowing for precise operation from a distance.

Innovative Feeding System

Equipped with a large-diameter crossbeater and bale grippers designed to resist jamming, ensuring continuous and consistent material flow during operation.

All-In-One Functionality

Simplifies the bedding process by combining hauling, chopping, shredding, and spreading functions into a single piece of equipment, reducing the need for multiple machines and cutting operational costs.

Convenience and Safety Features

Includes road lighting kits and 12.5/15 wheels with mudguards for safe and easy transportation from one location to another, even under challenging environmental conditions.

At FarmTech Machinery, we know you are the kind of farmer who wants to enhance the quality of their chicken shed. In order to be that way, you’ll need machinery that can cut your straw, hay, or silage down to the proper size and quickly transfer them to the coops for better moisture regulation and temperature control.

The problem is most bale processors in the market today have limited options, resulting in poorly processed beddings for the shed. This leads to poorer living conditions for the chickens, affecting livestock health, overall yield, and, eventually, your profit. We believe that producing high-quality bedding from hay is achievable and the standard for Australian farmers. 

We understand the need for versatile and dependable equipment to provide comfortable and soft bedding for your livestock. That’s why we have the Teagle Tomahawk 8500, the all-in-one bedder machine to make your bedding processing better, faster, and cost-effective.

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Manufactured in Australia