Tomahawk C12 – Tub Grinder – Teagle

More Tons per Hour, Less Downtime, Peak Performance.

Enhanced Safety and Control Features

Heavy-Duty Construction

Efficient Operations


Here are some technical details of all the available variants/models in this specific product.

Bale chamber diameter at base 2.20m
Bale chamber loading diameter 3.00m
Weight 5,500kg
PTO Speed 1000rpm
Transport width (folded) 2.39m
Transport width (not folded) 3.12m
Transport length 5.89m
Transport height 3.3m
Overall length 9.13m
Conveyor discharge height (max.) 4.59m
Loading height 2.82m

Tomahawk C12 Tub Grinder – Teagle

Many Australian farmers struggle with efficiently processing dry materials for varied applications such as bedding, feeding, and biofuel production. The Teagle C12 Calibrator from FarmTech Machinery meets this need by offering high-capacity milling for consistent short-length output, easy settings adjustment, and automatic power loading, all designed for large scale operations and contractors, ensuring maximum throughput with minimal labor.

Tomahawk C12 Tub Grinder Overview

The Teagle C12 Calibrator stands out as an advanced milling solution, designed specifically for the efficient processing of dry materials such as straw and miscanthus. Aimed at producing consistently short lengths, the C12 is perfect for various applications including bedding, feeding, and biofuel production. With its high-capacity design, it is particularly suitable for contractors and large-scale operators who demand performance and reliability.

Design and Standard Features

User-Friendly Configuration

Offers straightforward setting adjustments for material output, enabling tailored processing for different agricultural applications, from livestock bedding to biofuel.

Efficient Screen System

Features quick-change, two-part reversible screens available at ground level, allowing for rapid adjustments and varying output sizes without significant downtime.

Automated Operation

Equipped with Automatic Power Loading to optimize throughput and prevent overloading, the C12 requires only one operator. The process is further simplified with remote tractor power control via Bluetooth®, ensuring seamless operation from the loader vehicle.

Extended Durability and Maintenance

The machine boasts high-performance steel hammers with wear-resistant Carbide edge facing, significantly extending service intervals and enhancing overall durability.

Designed for Heavy-Duty Use

Specifically built for contractors and large-scale operators, the C12 is road-homologated up to 40km/hr, featuring robust Air/Hydraulic braking combinations for safe and reliable transportation.

Adaptable to Various Tractor Powers

Compatible with a range of tractor horsepower from 120 to 200, providing flexibility for different farm sizes and power availability.

High Processing Capacity

Capable of processing up to 11 tons per hour, making it one of the highest-capacity mills in its class for dry materials such as straw and miscanthus.

At FarmTech Machinery, we recognize that efficient processing of dry materials like straw and miscanthus is crucial for creating quality bedding, feed, and biofuel. The challenge is finding a machine that can handle large volumes and produce consistent results without requiring extensive labor.

That’s why we offer the Teagle C12 Calibrator. This high-capacity mill is designed for straightforward operation, offering quick adjustments and automatic power loading to ensure efficient, consistent processing with minimal operator effort.

Contact FarmTech Machinery today to streamline your dry material processing with the Teagle C12 Calibrator and take your production to the next level.

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Manufactured in Australia