Tomahawk T1010 – Bale Processor – Teagle

Consistently and quickly produce absorbant and clean livestock bedding

Enhanced Safety and Control Features

Heavy-Duty Construction

Efficient Operations


Here are some technical details of all the available variants/models in this specific product.

MODEL 1010 1010 SC
Chute Side Swivel
Dual Chop No No
Silage Yes Yes
Straw Yes Yes
Crossbeaters 2 2
Capacity (m³) 10 10
No. of 5’ round bales 3*** 3***
No. of 8’ rectangular bales (4’x 2’6”/ 4’x4’) 4/2 4/2
Bale chamber (tailgate down) W x H x D 1.70 x 1.58 x 5.70m
Blow distance (max.) 25m 22m
Min. tractor PTO HP 80 hp
Overall width (chute closed) 2.42m 2.42m
Overall length (tailgate up) 6.17m 6.17m
Overall length (tailgate down) 7.96m 7.96m
Overall height (chute closed) 2.93m 2.93m
Unladen weight (mounted) 3580kg 3590kg
Tyre size 385/55 R22.5
Oil flow rate (min/max) (l/min) 35 - 60

Tomahawk T1010 Bale Processor – Teagle

Australian farmers often struggle with producing absorbant bedding for their livestock.

The Tomahawk T1010 – Bale Processor by Teagle provides an even and absorbent bed of straw that guarantees increased livestock comfortability and productivity.

Tomahawk T1010 Bale Processor Overview

The Tomahawk T1010 Bale Processor is an innovative and versatile machine that is designed to efficiently prepare livestock bedding. This machine can process a wide range of bale types, including square bales and round bales, making it a popular choice for livestock farmers looking for a reliable and flexible bale processor. One of the key features of the Tomahawk T1010 is its consistent feed rate allowed by the twin cross-beaters, which helps ensure that livestock are provided with even supply of straw for feed or bedding.

Design and Standard Features

Durable Fan Housing and Chute

 durable fan housing and chute. This component has been designed to have a long life, providing efficient performance for years to come. The fan housing has been constructed with high-quality materials to withstand the toughest bales

Bluetooth remote Swivel Chute

When it comes to bale processing, having full control over the direction of the discharge chute is crucial for efficient and convenient operation. That’s why the tomahawk t1010 bale processor from Teagle comes with a Bluetooth remote 280* Swivel Chute, allowing the operator to aim the chute with ease right from inside the tractor cab.

Braked Axel

When it comes to operating heavy machinery, safety is of the utmost importance. A braked axle can provide added control and stability when transporting and operating the bale processor.

Massive Capacity 10m³

When it comes to handling large quantities of bales, the Tomahawk T1010 – Bale Processor by Teagle is a popular choice that stands out thanks to its massive capacity of 10m³. This impressive feature makes the T1010 one of the best bale processors available today, as it can effortlessly handle three 5-foot bales at a time.

Weigh Cells

Weigh cells play a crucial role in closely monitoring ingredients used in various applications, including bale processing and livestock feeding. These devices are designed to provide accurate and reliable weight measurements, ensuring optimal feeding consistency and efficiency.

High flow, 8-paddle fan

The Tomahawk T1010 bale processor features a powerful high flow, 8-paddle fan that can blow straw up to an impressive distance of 25 meters. This innovative feature allows for efficient and effective spreading of straw for livestock bedding or feeding.

Heavy-duty transmission for cross beaters

When it comes to bale processors, the transmission is a crucial component that needs to be able to handle heavy loads and constant use. The Tomahawk T1010 bale processor from Teagle boasts a heavy-duty chain-driven transmission.

At FarmTech Machinery, we know you are the kind of farmer who wants to produce consistently high-quality bales for your livestock. To be that way, you need reliable farming implements to get your desired outputs.

The problem is that evenly processing your straw and silage can be difficult, which makes it harder for you to give your livestock the quality of life it deserves. We believe Australian farmers should be able to process their bales for shed bedding.

We understand the need for this. That’s why we are bringing you the Tomahawk T1010 – Bale Processor by Teagle for a boosted performance in all your bale handling needs.

So contact our team today so you can stop wasting time and money processing bales with inefficient methods and start giving your livestock the high-quality, evenly processed bedding they deserve.

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Manufactured in Australia