Optimizes wrapping efficiency with inline wrapping capabilities. Traditional wrapping methods can be cumbersome and slow down harvesting operations. The TLR5000 Inline Bale Wrapper’s inline design seamlessly integrates with existing equipment, maximizing wrapping efficiency and minimizing downtime.

Cycle Time

Up to 45 Bales/Hour

Bale Compatibility

Round Bales Only

Operation Type


Wrap Configuration

In-Line Wrap

Tubeline TLR5000 – Inline Bale Wrapper

Streamline your bale wrapping process with the Tubeline TLR5000, engineered for durability and efficiency.

In-line Bale Wrapper

Heavy-Duty Construction

High Quality Output


Here are some technical details of all the available variants/models in this specific product.

Overall Length 18' 18'
Width 9' 9'
Height 9' 9'
Weight 5,100 lbs. 5,100 lbs.
Power 13 HP Honda c/w 11 GPM Pump 13 HP Honda c/w 11 GPM Pump
Electric Start Standard Standard
Alternator 18 Amp. 18 Amp.
Hydraulics Self-contained Self-contained
Controls Electric over Hydraulic (AX2) Electronic Control Valve (ECV)
Tires (2) 11L x 15 8 Ply(2) 27 x 10.5 Traction (2) 11L x 15 8 Ply(2) 27 x 10.5 Traction
Quick Start Leveling Quick Deck Adjust Quick Deck Adjust
Brakes (Compactor) Deck Tight Pack Deck Tight Pack
Steering Hydraulic Hydraulic
Emergency Stop E Stop Button E Stop Button
Roll Off Tail Fixed Fixed
Transport Lights Standard Standard
Round Up to 6' Up to 6'
Square N/A N/A
Film Stretcher (2) 30" x 55% (2) 30" x 55%
Bale Saddles Fixed Fixed
Bale Guide Rollers Standard Standard
Hoop Speed Adj. Flow Control Valve Adj. Flow Control Valve

Tubeline TLR5000 – Inline Bale Wrapper

Australian farmers often face labour-intensive and time-consuming bale wrapping processes, risking silage quality and bale integrity. The Tubeline TLR5000 addresses these challenges by offering a lightweight yet robust solution for wrapping heavy silage bales efficiently.

Tubeline TLR5000 Overview

Experience the next level of bale wrapping efficiency with the Tubeline TLR5000. This inline bale wrapper has been refined for lighter weight and enhanced maneuverability while maintaining the durability required to handle heavy silage bales. The TLR5000 features innovative design and standard features to streamline your bale wrapping operations and ensure optimal bale protection.

Design and Standard Features

Lightweight and Maneuverable Design

The TLR5000 is ingeniously crafted with lightweight materials and a streamlined structure, allowing it to be effortlessly towed across fields and swiftly positioned for bale wrapping tasks, regardless of terrain or conditions.

Rear Cam Axle for Tail Angle Adjustment

With its innovative rear cam axle mechanism, the TLR5000 offers farmers the flexibility to fine-tune the tail angle during the bale wrapping process, ensuring optimal compression and bale integrity for superior silage preservation.

Pre-Tensioners for Precise Film Stretch

Engineered with precision, the TLR5000 features knurled pre-tensioners that delicately grip and meticulously stretch the plastic film between rollers, activating the bonding agent and guaranteeing thorough coverage and protection of the bales.

Exclusive ECV Features for Enhanced Control

Setting a new standard in operational control, the TLR5000 comes equipped with an array of exclusive ECV features, including soft start functionality, advanced bale counting capabilities, and convenient remote engine start, empowering farmers with unprecedented control and efficiency.

Film Snap Feature for Easy Cutting

Tubeline’s revolutionary Film Snap feature revolutionizes the bale wrapping experience by effortlessly cutting the wrap with a single action, eliminating the need for manual intervention and significantly boosting operator convenience and efficiency.

Large Hoop Accommodates Bales up to 6 Feet

Designed to accommodate bales of varying sizes with ease, the TLR5000’s generously sized hoop ensures compatibility with bales up to 6 feet, providing farmers with unmatched versatility and adaptability in their bale wrapping operations.

Extended Service Plan for Long-Term Support

Complementing its robust construction and reliability, the TLR5000 offers an extended service plan, providing farmers with comprehensive support and maintenance for prolonged equipment longevity and uninterrupted performance in the field.

At FarmTech Machinery we know you are the kind of farmers who want to be efficient and productive agricultural professionals. In order to be that way, you need reliable bale wrapping equipment that streamlines your silage preservation process. The problem is, that traditional bale wrapping methods are labour-intensive and time-consuming, often leading to inefficiencies and compromised silage quality, which makes you feel frustrated and overwhelmed with the workload.

We believe nobody should have to deal with the hassle of outdated bale wrapping techniques that hinder farm productivity and profitability. We understand the challenges you face in ensuring efficient silage preservation while managing your daily farm operations. That’s why we offer the Tubeline TLR5000, a solution designed to simplify your bale wrapping process and maximize silage quality.

Here’s how it works: Step one, effortlessly tow and position the TLR5000 for bale wrapping. Step two, utilize its innovative features for precise film stretching and cutting, ensuring optimal bale coverage and integrity. Step three, enjoy peace of mind with bales suitable for long-term storage.

So invest in the Tubeline TLR5000 today, so you can stop struggling with outdated bale wrapping methods and start efficiently preserving high-quality silage to boost your farm’s productivity and success.

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Manufactured in Australia