TURF Series Aervator

Versatile Aervator for aerating lawns or turf for healthier, greener growth

Australian Made

One-Pass Seed and Till

Fights Soil Compaction


Here are some technical details of all the available variants/models in this specific product.

TA 120 1.2 M 97 CM 1 1 220 20
TA 150 1.5 M 127 CM 1 1 250 25
TA 180 1.8 M 167 CM 1 1 266 30

Turf Aerator - Aermax

In Australia, maintaining healthy pastures is a critical challenge due to the prevalent issue of soil compaction, which significantly impacts the productivity and profitability of farms. Soil compaction, a condition often caused by the constant movement of vehicles, livestock, or the excessive use of tillage equipment, restricts the flow of essential water, air, and nutrients to the grassroots.

The Farmtech TURF Series Aervator presents a groundbreaking solution to this problem by perforating the soil with precise slots designed to alleviate compaction. This innovative approach not only facilitates the essential penetration of water, air, and nutrients to the root level but also adheres to the latest scientific advancements highlighting the importance of aeration for soil health.

Turf Aervator Overview

Boost your soil’s vitality and transform your turf with the advanced TURF Series Aervator from FarmTech Machinery. Embrace the cutting-edge approach to soil management that is crucial for optimizing plant growth and enhancing the resilience of your landscape.

Design and Standard Features

Deep Soil Aeration

 The TURF Series Aervator is designed to relieve soil compaction by perforating the soil with slots, allowing deep penetration of water, air, and nutrients. This deep aeration is crucial for maintaining soil health, enabling air to reach up to the first 100 cm of the soil, which supports the growth of aerobic bacteria essential for a healthy soil ecosystem.

Enhanced Soil Microbial Activity

By facilitating the flow of air and water into the soil, the TURF Series Aervator promotes the growth of aerobic microbes. These microbes play a critical role in stabilizing soil pH and converting organic matter into nutrients that are accessible to plants, thereby enhancing soil fertility and structure.

Improved Water Absorption and Retention

The aeration process creates channels and cracks in the soil, significantly improving the soil’s ability to absorb and retain rainwater and irrigation. This prevents water runoff into creeks and ensures that water is effectively utilized where it is most needed, enhancing the efficiency of water use on the farm.

Boost in Livestock Health:

 Healthier plants lead to healthier livestock. By increasing the uptake of minerals and trace elements through improved root systems, the TURF Series Aervator ultimately contributes to the production of healthier forage, which translates into better livestock health and productivity.

Increased Soil Water Holding Capacity:

The microbial activity encouraged by aeration has been shown to increase the soil’s water-holding capacity. This means that soil can retain moisture for longer periods, reducing the need for frequent watering and helping crops survive dry spells.

At FarmTech Machinery, we know you are the kind of farmer who wants to provide the best growing condition for your plants. To be that way, you must ensure good rich soil that enables the plants to absorb moisture and fertilisers essential for their development. 

The problem is that the soil can be compacted by being overworked, which leads to the ground having difficulty absorbing moisture and nutrients efficiently, which makes it challenging for the plants and grass to grow. We believe there is a method to loosen the soil without destroying already established grass.

We understand your struggle to provide the best growing condition for your paddocks. That’s why we bring you TURF – Aervator, an intelligent method to aerate the soil for better absorption of water and nutrients. Here’s how it works. Step one: attach the Turf Aervator to your tractor. Step two: transport it to the area needed to be tilled and aerated. Step three: go through the paddock or field like you are ploughing and let the attachment loosen the compacted soil.

So call us so you can stop struggling with compacted soil and start aerating the soil of your paddocks with the TURF Aervator.

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Manufactured in Australia