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Here are some technical details of all the available variants/models in this specific product.

MODEL Twin Screw XL-20 METRIC Twin Screw XL-24 METRIC Twin Screw XL-30 METRIC Twin Screw XL-32 METRIC
Max Capacity 15 in Rubber (m³) 23.1 25.4 32.2 37.8
Capacity With 9 Inch Rubber (m³ ) 21.1 23.3 30 35.5
Capacity With No Rubber (m³ ) 19 21.2 27.8 33.3
Total Bowl Width (mm) 2,650 2,650 2,650 2,650
Total Bowl Height (mm) 1,460 1,600 2,050 2,400
Total Bowl Length (mm) 6,200 6,370 6,570 6,780
Empty Bowl Weight (kg) 5,800 6,400 6,900 7,400

Twin Screw Feed Mixer – Ausmix

Many Australian farmers struggle with ensuring their Total Mixed Ration (TMR) feed is well-mixed, often due to using an inadequate single screw feed mixer. The AUSMix Twin Screw models, XL 24 and XL 32, solve this problem with their large capacity and dual Fibre-X augers equipped with razor-sharp tungsten carbide knives, ensuring fast, consistent mixing and processing of diverse feeds to boost livestock productivity and health.

Twin Screw Feed Mixer Overview

Upgrade your feed mixing process with the AUSMix Twin Screw Mixer, specifically designed to tackle the common issues faced by Australian farmers in achieving a well-mixed Total Mixed Ration (TMR) for their livestock. If your current single screw feed mixer is underperforming due to overloading or inadequate tub size, the AUSMix Twin Screw models, XL 24 and XL 32, are your solution to ensure optimal nutrition and herd health.

Design and Standard Features

Fibre-X Augers

Powering the strong mixing capabilities of the AUSMIX Twin Screw TMR Feed Mixers are two Fibre-X augers with razor-sharp knives made from heat-treated tungsten carbide. These augers can quickly chop down and process large hay and silage bales to the perfect chop length to maximize scratch factor while mixing ingredients to a perfectly consistent ration. This allows for properly processing fiber, straw, silage, hay, forage, grain, and heavy wet rations, guaranteeing perfectly-mixed TMR feeds with the nutritional edge your livestock needs.

Large Capacity Bowls

Aside from the powerful augers that provide faster mixing time, the AUSMix Twin Screw TMR Feed Mixers have a large capacity of up to 32 m2.

Heavy-Duty Chassis

 It also has industry-leading off-road suspension for feeding out in paddocks or easy transport, while the solid swivel hitch holds tightly on the trailer while traversing even on uneven ground.

Digi-Star Topcon Scales

With the state-of-the-art Digi-star scales that come with each Twin Screw TMR Feed Mixer, you’re sure every mix is consistently the same. These scales help operators load the mixer with the same amount of ingredients every time, eliminating the guesswork and guaranteeing well-balanced TMR feeds for your livestock.

Powerful Drive Train

All feed mixers from AUSMIX are equipped with a drive train with two-speed gear for optimal mixing and reliable cleanout. It also has planetary gearboxes made from premium steel to handle the heaviest loads with relative ease, making this the feed mixer your farm can rely on.

Diverse Conveyor Options

The AUSMIX Twin Screw TMR Feed Mixers come with a standard 1.5m flip-up conveyer to accurately feed out fodder. If you need more flexibility for feeding out in the paddock, into troughs, or on self-feeders, you can also opt for the following options:

  • Dual-Shift front feed conveyors are available in either a stainless steel pan or a rubber belt, depending on your needs capable of side shifting up to 250mm left or right.
  • Custom flip-up elevators ranging from 1.1 meters to 4 meters long depending on your needs

At FarmTech Machinery, we understand the critical importance of providing your livestock with well-mixed, nutritious Total Mixed Ration (TMR) feed for optimal health and productivity. The right feed mixer is essential for blending various ingredients to meet your herd’s dietary needs effectively.

The challenge comes when your current equipment can’t keep up, leading to uneven mixes or insufficient processing. We believe in equipping Australian farmers with superior, efficient machinery that meets the demands of modern livestock feeding programs.

Contact FarmTech Machinery today to upgrade to the AUSMix Twin Screw and elevate your farm’s feeding program to the highest standards.

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