Tyre Rollers - RollX

Achieve higher strike rates and greener pastures. Inadequate seed-to-soil contact can result in uneven germination and poor crop establishment, reducing overall yield potential. The RollX Tyre Roller helps compact loose soil, enhancing soil stability and promoting better contact between seeds and soil, facilitating germination and seedling establishment.

Working Width

1.6 M - 4.0 M

Operation Type


Chassis Construction


Roller Material

Rubber Tyres

Tyre Rollers – RollX

Achieve higher strike rates and greener pastures by improving seed soil contact after seeding

Tyre Roller Model / Working Width

FTM-2600ROLLER-T / 2.6m

FTM-2800ROLLER-T / 2.8m

FTM-3000ROLLER-T / 3.0m

FTM-3200ROLLER-T / 3.2m

FTM-3400ROLLER-T / 3.4m

FTM-3600ROLLER-T / 3.6m

FTM-4000ROLLER-T / 4.0m

FTM-4600ROLLER-T / 4.6m

FTM-4800ROLLER-T / 4.8m

FTM-5000ROLLER-T / 5.0m

Seedbed Preparation

Reliable and Robust Design

Highly Versatile and Adaptable


Here are some technical details of all the available variants/models in this specific product.

FTM-2600ROLLER-T 2.6 M
FTM-2800ROLLER-T 2.8 M
FTM-3000ROLLER-T 3.0 M
FTM-3200ROLLER-T 3.2 M
FTM-3400ROLLER-T 3.4 M
FTM-3600ROLLER-T 3.6 M
FTM-4000ROLLER-T 4.0 M
FTM-4600ROLLER-T 4.6 M
FTM-4800ROLLER-T 4.8 M
FTM-5000ROLLER-T 5.0 M

Tyre Roller - RollX

Australian farmers often struggle with low strike rates due to improper soil-to-seed contact during sowing. Farmtech Machinery gives you a reliable Tyre roller designed to trail behind a seeder and press seeds into the soil, ensuring higher strike rates. 

Tyre Roller Overview

Elevate your farming success with Farmtech Machinery’s Tyre Roller, expertly crafted to enhance seed-to-soil contact post-seeding, ensuring higher strike rates and lusher pastures.

Design and Standard Features

Extra Wide Working Widths

Untitled design (13)

 Ranging from 1.6m to 4.6m, these tyre rollers cover more ground in less time, enhancing efficiency and uniformity across large areas. This feature is particularly beneficial for Australian farmers dealing with vast fields and aiming for consistent soil compaction.

Detachable Drawbar

Untitled design (14)

The inclusion of a detachable drawbar facilitates easier transport and storage of the roller. This feature ensures that farmers can effortlessly attach and detach the roller from their tractors, enhancing convenience and reducing setup time.

Adjustable Weight System

Untitled design (15)

 The roller can be filled with water or oil to add extra weight, allowing for customizable pressure applied to the soil. This adaptability ensures optimal seed-to-soil contact, crucial for improving germination rates and achieving higher strike rates.

Durable Construction

 Built with a sturdy, painted RHS frame, the tyre roller promises extra durability and resilience against the harsh Australian environment and continuous use, ensuring a long service life and reliability.

Leg Stand for Stability

Untitled design (16)

 Equipped with a leg stand, the tyre roller remains stable and upright when not in use, preventing damage and ensuring the roller is always ready for the next job. This feature contributes to the longevity and maintenance of the roller.

Versatility and Ease of Use

 Designed to work in tandem with a variety of seeders, the tyre roller is a versatile tool that can be integrated into existing seeding operations without the need for significant modifications. Its ease of use makes it a valuable asset for farmers looking to streamline their seeding process and ensure uniform seedbed preparation.

Improved Seed Soil Contact

By trailing behind a seeder, the tyre roller efficiently presses seeds into the soil, enhancing seed-to-soil contact. This crucial feature leads to higher germination rates and ultimately, more successful crop yields.

At FarmTech Machinery, we know you are the kind of farmer that wants to get the most out of your seeds whenever you are sowing. In order to be that way, you need to ensure maximum seed-to-soil contact to get higher strike rates.  

The problem is that most seeders are designed to disperse seed, which causes poor seed-to-soil contact resulting in poorer germination. We understand your needs and now give you a better solution

We offer Tyre rollers designed to press down the soil after seeding. Here’s how it works. First, connect the tyre roller to your tractor or combine it with your seeder. Second, adjust the weight for better traction. Third, go over the field where you intend to sow and press the soil with your tyre roller.

So get it now, so you can stop the struggle of purchasing a tyre roller suitable for your fields and start providing the best harvest by preparing your land with the right tool.

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