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Here are some technical details of all the available variants/models in this specific product.

Volume (m³) 6 8 10 12
Total Width (mm) 1850 1850 1900 1900
Total Height (mm) 2200 2350 2450 2450
Total Length (mm) 5000 5000 5200 5575
Number of Knives 60 72 100 120
Machine Weight (kg) 3100 3850 4600 5200
Required Power (hp) 40 50 60 70

TYYKM Feed Mixer- Minos

Many Australian farmers struggle with ensuring their livestock receive uniformly mixed and nutritious feed. The TYYKM Feed Mixer from Minos, offered by FarmTech Machinery, solves this problem by effectively blending various animal feed components into a homogeneous mixture, ensuring your livestock’s health and productivity are maximized.

TYYKM Feed Mixer Overview

The TYYKM Feed Mixer from Minos represents a significant advancement in animal feed preparation technology. Designed to address the challenges Australian farmers face with feed blending, this horizontal feed mixer ensures a consistent, homogenous mix of various animal feeds, promoting optimal livestock health and productivity.

Design and Standard Features

Dual-Auger System

Equipped with two powerful augers to ensure thorough and consistent mixing of various animal feeds into a homogenous mixture, promoting even distribution of nutrients.

Razor-Sharp Knives

The mixer contains 50 to 120 knives, depending on the model, which cut feeds to the ideal size for optimal animal feeding and digestion.

Hydraulic Pallet Transmitter

Powered by hydraulic motors, it allows for precise and adjustable amounts of feed to be discharged, ensuring exact feed ratios are delivered.

Homogeneous Feed Mixture

Guarantees a consistent mix that provides balanced nutrition, boosting livestock health and productivity.

Robust and Reliable Structure

Designed for easy use, strength, and durability, ensuring the machine can withstand the demands of daily farm operations.

User-Friendly Operation

Designed with the farmer in mind, ensuring ease of loading, mixing, and unloading, which helps save time and labor.

Large Capacity Options

Available in various sizes to suit different farming scales, from small-scale operations to large commercial farms.

At FarmTech Machinery,  we know you are the kind of farmer who wants well-fed and nourished livestock. To be that way, you need a feed mixer that constantly mixes the right amount of feed for your livestock’s specific requirements.

The problem with some feed mixers is they fall short of producing a homogeneous feed mixture essential for a livestock’s proper growth, which bothers you because your herd is not getting the required balanced diet and nutrition.

We understand your need for a substantial feed mixer. Invest in the TYYKM Feed Mixer from Minos Agri, which effectively mixes various animal feeds into a homogenous mixture and distributes it with its easy-to-use, robust, strong, and reliable structure. Here’s how it works; load the feeds into the mixer, let the feed mixer do its job, and wait for the feed to discharge via the pallet transmitter. 

So get in touch with Farmtech today, so you can stop the unbalanced mixing of your feeds and start giving your livestock the right amount and homogeneous mixture for proper growth.

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